Aspire ESP 30W Review

We were fortunate enough to get a pre-release Aspire ESP 30W before they are launched full scale. This is a beautiful miniature box-style mod with a nice carbon fibre cover, a signature of Aspire products.

This mod has a nice feel to it as all of the edges are rounded, and so it fits great in the palm of your hand. It has all the right features for a nice simple, easy to use mini box mod, with enough power to fulfill your sub-ohm vaping needs.

It comes with a spring loaded pin 510 threaded connection. The screen shows ohms, voltage and watts.


Thus far it has lasted for a few days at low wattage settings (anywhere between 5-8 watts, with an Aspire Nautilus mini. I’m loving this mod so far, as it is simple to use, the battery lasts a while when you just want to vape at low levels, and there is enough power available when you want to throw on your favorite sub-ohm tank or RDA.

Full Analysis Of The Aspire ESP 30W

There is not a lot to say about the Aspire ESP 30W mod as the company itself doesn’t even say a lot about it. A total lack of fanfare from the manufacturer and vendors makes me wonder if the company is whole-heartedly promoting the product or if, perhaps, it is just the prelude to something better coming soon. It could also just be too soon, since at the time of this writing it isn’t even released yet.

Aspire’s Moderate Mod

Everything about their mod is somwehat moderate. The color scheme is raw carbon fibre like their CF batteries, though they don’t have other colors available, yet anyways.

The shape brings to mind a flask, but without the shiny metallic finish of a Transporter or the Vapor Flask. Though car enthusiasts will be pleased, or anyone else that has an appreciation for carbon fibre.

Front and back sides are gently convex while the sides are straight and angular. If they were going for an ergonomic design, the sides should be rounded too.

Aspire supplies a knob for volt/watt adjustment: it is a big, knurled metal bolt at the top situated next to your atomizer ring. As values change (resistance, power, battery charge), a narrow screen at the bottom shows these figures. The knob does have a nice feel to it.

The few pictures I saw before seeing one in person were not helpful but give the impression of a display set behind too much material; a lot of shadow. At first I thought it was a viewing window for e liquid and that this was an all-in-one mod. The display screen is pretty sharp.


This Chinese company usually inspires, but this time the designers for the ESP 30W could have made a small boo-boo when they placed their USB charging port at the very bottom of their device. Vapers will not be able to charge the 1900-mAh battery while the mod remains upright, so some RDAs must come off, just in case there is e liquid sloshing around in them.

Most companies think ahead and place the USB charging port near the top or bottom, not over the edge. I guess the battery does not come out and imagine (though this is not stated) that vapers can continue puffing while the mod charges.

Not Powerless, but Hardly Intimidating

Battery power of 1900 mAh isn’t the biggest battery out there, but it is a respectable size, and should be good for at least a full day, depending on how much you vape and at what power settings. As other users comment, several competing mods are more powerful but no bigger or more expensive.

For my first use, it lasted me 5 days of moderate vaping (between 5-8 watts with a mini Nautilus). It charged in a couple hours too.

The Aspire ESP 30W sells for around $50. Its 510 floating pin accommodates better Aspire products such as their Atlantis Sub-ohm BVC Tank Atomizer.

Atomizer resistance can be as low as 0.3 ohms which is pretty good for a 30W mod. This is one highlight of this advanced personal vaporizer’s design, along with how I mentioned before, it fits in your palm nice with the round edges around it.

Attach an Aspire Tank

Aspire’s Sub-ohm tank features a glass tube, RDA style adjustable airflow, and stainless steel cylindrical tip. The coil’s resistance is 0.5 ohms: perfect for 20W to 30W mods.

Actually, it’s perfect for the ESP and may also look sharp on an iStick 30W. Tanks like the Kanger Sub-ohm Plus would also fit here, and any other tank with a 510 connector, as this doesn’t have an eGo connector like the new MVP now comes with.



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