Eleaf Mini iStick 20W Review

Eleaf’s little iStick, the 20-Watt version, holds a special place in our hearts. When it was first released, there was not a lot of hype about 200-Watt devices because many had not been invented yet. They were in the works, but iSmoka Eleaf gave vapers a way to start small in their pursuit of variable wattage.

If you had only recently graduated from the Vamo or Inferno APVs, this was a great launching point into truly advanced vaping. Vapers soon learned what a range of up to 20 Watts could mean to the flavor and density of vapor.

Eleaf Mini iStick 20W

Eleaf iStick Mini 20W

Today, more than a year later, Eleaf’s mini vape stick is still the best-selling miniature VW mod you can buy. There are lots of reasons for this, one of them being that mid-level vapers still want a safe transition between APVs and high-watt mods. Another selling factor is how cute this little device is.


There is also the fact that the Eleaf iStick Mini 20-Watt can go anywhere, tucked deep and unnoticed into a pocket. While there is a reasonable amount of power in a 1050-mAh Variable Watt iStick offering 5.5V and low-ohm compatibility, it is scarcely larger than a 10W iStick or comparable pen vape.

Integrated Power

The battery is also built-in: a non-removable cell you don’t have to remove and charge. If you travel, the battery stays in its enclosure while you connect the onboard USB port to a computer or gaming device. This allows vapers to continue puffing on their favorite e juice or vape flavor of the moment without waiting for the charge to finish or finding a USB-AC adapter. Strangely, although most people can find a USB device, it’s not always as easy to spot an available electrical outlet.

Cute Mod

Select from silver, black, fuschia (that’s a fancy word for pink), or blue. Each shade is metallic, shiny, and modern, just like the ultra-compact build of your device. There’s even space for a screen and buttons.

Sporty Stripe

Along one side you notice a black strip and buttons are placed here. These are the up/down buttons (triangles) at the bottom and a big square firing switch at the top. Between them is empty space but that’s deceptive. This space is taken up by a display screen that does not appear to be a display at all when not turned on. It’s stylistically miles apart from the usual inset, framed screen cast into shadow by the box itself.

Affordable, Comfortable

One of the best things about owning an uber-light, super-small iStick 20W by iSmoka Eleaf is the rounded shape it adopts. Edges aren’t sharp but curved to fit the natural curves your hand craves. This is also a low-priced device: around $25. With a built-in battery, that’s a great deal.

Ego Adapter

Use a 510-threaded tank or add the eGo adapter which enables you to choose from a huge array of suitable tanks and clearomizers. An iClear by Innokin, Aerotank by Kanger, or an Aspire Nautilus would suit nicely against this 52-mm unit.

Eleaf Kit

Each iStick Mini 20W comes with an adapter for eGo tanks/clearomizers, a USB cable, and instructions. Some retailers also create kits around the Mini 20W to help vapers select a suitable partner and ideal resistance.

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