Even the name SMOKJOY TALOS conjures images of sci-fi baddies, doesn’t it? Only the addition of “150W” tempers the terror slightly, but there’s no denying this is a futuristic mod baddie.



So what is this thing? Well, if you wound up on this page you are either in search of a high-watt vape mod or a Star Trek convention. I hate to disappoint the Trekkies out there but the SMOKJOY TALOS 150W is a mod, although it could pass for a movie prop. Here’s what you’re looking at.


A 150-watt vaping device is a highly advanced and potentially dangerous machine. Never operate one unless you have already earned experience using less powerful devices. Otherwise, there is the very real danger of overheating batteries and causing an explosion.

The TALOS contains a safety board, but any mechanical or computerized item can be flawed no matter how reliable the company is. Irresponsible vapers also seem to find ways to overcome safety features and doing themselves damage. As always, this is fine if they don’t wrap innocent bystanders around the nearest lamp post with them.

Details of the SMOKJOY TALOS 150W

Set watts low and vape moderately for general-style puffing and regular clouds. This is the way most people go about enjoying an all-day-vape. Set the mod at up to 150W and experiment with flavors using a sub ohm tank like the SMOK TFV4, its airflow valves open all the way.

The TALOS is powered by two 18650 batteries you must purchase separately. SMOKJOY employed a zinc alloy to construct the box which makes it portable and light but also sturdy against wear and tear.

Safety Features

The SMOKJOY TALOS 150W is protected by its built-in chipset. This prevents the mod from firing when there is no atomizer or low resistance is detected. Go ahead and install super sub-ohms down to 0.05, but anything below this will cause the TALOS to shut down.

Another warning is low-voltage: a lower value than 2.5V will lead to automatic shut-down. You don’t need to reach that point, though, since the screen shows battery power and the point at which a vaper really needs to swap over tired batteries for fresh ones. Other safeguards are reverse battery, high input voltage, and short-circuit protection or warnings.

Temperature Control

Vapers might have gasped when I mentioned resistance levels supported by the TALOS, but this is because I hadn’t mentioned temperature control. That’s right: you can’t vape at 0.05 ohms without it. When you are using a tank containing temperature-sensitive coils, this is the lowest you can go.


Diagonal ridges and a glossy finish plus the rounded, almost sharp edge of one side (where the battery goes) tell you the TALOS is going places. It’s only available in gray or black. Venting holes are not strategically placed for effectiveness being about where you would place your hand, but they look good. Perhaps these will be moved for version two. The screen is big. Buttons are large and user-friendly. Expect to see more of this SMOKJOY product around town.

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