A Billion Lives

A Billion Lives
A Billion Lives

If you are looking for a great documentary on vaping, check out A Billion Lives. Aaron Biebert’s long-awaited documentary discusses vaping and the corrupted bureaucracy trying to snuff it out.

This is a nationally recognized movement that calls attention to the prospective billion lives lost to tobacco.

This film is a who’s who of the vape industry and science influencers. Clive Bates, Dr. Derek Yach, Dr. Delon Human, Oliver Kershaw, Attila Danko, Jeff Stier, John Summers, Vincent van Heerden, and many others are featured in the film, giving expert opinions on the precarious place the vape industry is perched.

This isn’t just another advocacy video made by a bunch of vapers. Aaron Biebert is not a vaper (or smoker) himself or any member of his crew. This film is made by a professional crew, by a legitimate studio, featuring experts from prestigious organizations. Also featured: anti-vaping propaganda to be picked apart by Mr. Biebert’s masterful film work.

Here is Mr. Biebert’s video addressing some frequently asked questions about A Billion Lives:

As stated in the video, this documentary has already impacted vape legislation in New Zealand. If this documentary gets the audience, it deserves, this could be the watershed moment for vapers and smokers everywhere.

Recently, the Hands for a Billion Lives movement made a tremendous splash. Thousands of activists across the country and abroad joined hands at 2:22 local time on October 22nd as symbolic protection of the billion lives lost to tobacco in the coming century.

A Billion Lives may be the breakthrough the vape community has been waiting for. A widespread, vetted, and incendiary documentary about the prohibition state may impact international vape legislation and may make a dent in the tobacco massacre to come.

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