About Us


I’m a long time ex-smoker that finally kicked the habit through vaping.

Smoking was a habit that helped me feel calmer and pass the time. I am a bit of a high strung person, and nicotine helps me get through the day. I also really loved the alone time that came with the habit. It forced me to take a break from work instead of sitting at my desk all day long.

I just didn’t see myself stopping smoking ever, even knowing all of the risks. But then something happened.

My wife became pregnant.

I continued to smoke through her pregnancy (far, far away from her, of course)… but when my son was born, something changed inside me. Watching him be born was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and having this little baby in my life gave me the kick in the butt I was missing before. I wanted to be there for his life. I didn’t want to die.

Keep in mind, I was a heavy smoker. I smoked a minimum of a pack a day, and often I would smoke more than that. So I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

I started out with a vape pen that I bought from my local vape shop… and quickly realized that it was not going to be enough. It just wasn’t replacing the sensation I got with smoking. So I went back. I bought a more powerful mod. I experimented with different strengths of e-juice. And then I really got into it. I started experimenting with buying different mods, attys, and building my own coils. I was hungry to learn everything I could.

There’s a lot of great information out there now, but when I started vaping, there wasn’t much. There was a lot of crap and misleading info out there, (and there still is.) I had to check so many different sites to try and get a straight answer on anything.

So, a year later, I decided to start this site, with the help and support of my wife, who designs websites for a living. (Believe me, if I tried to design this site myself, it would not look this good!) She’s super supportive of my switch to vaping. (And she is the best! Oh, hi, Sarah, didn’t know you’d be reading this!)

My goal is to give people the information they are looking for when they first start, buy the right equipment from the get go, and not get discouraged. I provide recommendations on products I know are high quality and will help you with your own journey, (or your family member or friend’s journey, if you are here researching for them.)

I really want this site to be comprehensive enough to give a beginner everything they need. If for any reason you feel like there is information you are still looking for after your visit- please email me and I will look at continuously adding to the content of this site.

Please also consider signing up for the newsletter. Every week you’ll get an email that includes some tips and support to help you stick with vaping, coupon codes and deals, and some links to articles and news that I think you’ll find interesting. You can unsubscribe any time, but I hope that it will help keep you with vaping and staying off cigarettes for good. (Just scroll down and look to your right and you’ll see the spot to sign up.)

And finally, for the sake of full disclosure- please know that some of the links for the products I recommend are affiliate links. This means, if you purchase something based on my recommendation, the site you buy from will give me a very small commission. The cost to you will be exactly the same. I only recommend products that I believe in, so there is nothing here that I don’t 100% stand behind. Any money that this site makes will help keep it running and pay for things like hosting, and also coffee to allow me to stay up late at night writing new content for you.

If you do decide to support the site, please know that I am so grateful! And if you would rather not click on the links, you can simply google the products I recommend. I’m just happy to have you here, learning about vaping and possibly quitting smoking.

That’s all for now! Wishing you all the best with your journey, and I hope that I’ll be able to help support you along the way.