Asmodus Minikin Review – Touch Sensitive Touch to Vape

Asmodus Minikin Black

Asmodus has released an adorable, tiny vape mod that is sure to make your current collection of devices appear like giants by comparison. Vapers will need to think carefully about attaching a tank that will not overwhelm this creation, or perhaps a compact RDA. Their Minikin is small but, like little people, capable of powerful outbursts.


In the case of this Asmodus mod, however, those outbursts are carefully regulated by a GX120 dual-chip, which controls your product and keeps you safe. This chip controls the temperature at levels between 100C and 300C or 212F to 572F, allows you to choose a temperature control mode or variable wattage, and puts a ceiling on amps at 35A.

Dual Mode Minikin

The Asmodus Minikin, as mentioned above, operates as either a TC or a VW mod. Many vape mods are built to do the same thing. One presses a button to switch over and regulate one setting while the machine handles the other.

It’s also true that users can only regulate wattage or temperature, leaving the GX120 to look after the opposite numbers. What other mods either don’t supply or fail to advertise are dual limitations. When you’ve got the Minikin set for Variable Wattage, select from 5 watts to 120 watts.

Switch to TC operation, and the threshold is 60 watts. It won’t climb any higher to reach your desired temperature, suggesting you might have to wait a little longer to reach 572F. Either that or the system features other design elements that mitigate this loss of output.

Power Saving

Ah, now I understand; the GX120 is a dual-chip (two chips in one) providing power, atomizer reading, and safeguards while also saving power. The Asmodus Minikin is an energy-saving, 94% efficient, environmentally-conscious, budget-friendly unit.

Expect your battery to last between 15 and 30% longer than batteries inside of other dual-cell mods last. While getting rid of the heat that likes to build up around these cells, Asmodus’s design also boosts your safety.

Since batteries are not included, the Minikin protects you against reverse battery polarity. It’s also defended against high voltage, low voltage, low resistance, and high resistance. The chip won’t overheat either.

Temperature Control Tips

With the new chip, you can install a Titanium coil instead of Ni200 if so inclined, but both are used in temperature control mode only. Run the TC setting when using VG-only or Max-VG e juices and have a suitable coil installed.

External Features

It’s hard not to ignore the beautiful technical details of the Asmodus Minikin when it’s sitting right in front of you. Like a supermodel whose looks overwhelm your sense of her smarts, the Minikin’s aesthetics overshadow its internal complexity.

This is a soft-looking set with gentle grooves, almost semi-circles, matching the cog’s curve, which is the Asmodus logo. On one narrow side is a single round button and beneath this is a square screen. It’s usual to see the screen as a square rather than a rectangle, but Asmodus makes good use of space, and the display is pretty large.

Around the side, on one face, are two buttons for adjusting values. Those grooves are deep enough to help you grasp the ergonomically shaped battery door and slide it away to reveal your batteries. Asmodus supplies 6 colors, three shades of blue. Select White, Black, Red, Overcast Olive (a light blue-green), Tiffany Blue, or Dark Blue. They all shine in a refreshingly non-metallic way.

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