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Best 18650 Batteries


The rechargeable 18650 batteries are the staple power source for vaping devices, although as any vaper knows, there are good 18650 batteries and bad 18650 batteries.

Battery charge is vital for any vaper who wants to enjoy their device throughout the day while they’re out and about. After all, if you can’t rely on your 18650 battery to hold a decent charge and keep your vaporizer powered up all day, then it really isn’t much use as a portable device.

Finding the right battery for your vaping needs is important if you are going to get the most out of your vaporizer, but the list below should help you when it comes to making your next battery purchase.

Best 18650 Batteries Of 2017 For Vaping

1. Samsung 25R 18650

Samsung is a familiar and reliable name in electronics, and their take on the 18650 battery is no exception. It has an output of 20A when fully charged and has a listed capacity of 2500mAh, although depending on the device and your charging habits, you may find your battery comes in a little under that. It has a decent shelf life, maintaining around 60% capacity even after 250 charges. The Samsung 25R 18650 is bright green in color and is frequently used as the standard 18650 battery provided in vaporizer kits.

3. LG HE2 18650

LG has also decided to use the safer Lithium Manganese mixture instead of the more usual Lithium Polymer mix in their 18650 vaping battery, the HE2. LG is an up and coming name in electronics, better known for bargain prices and steady performances. The HE2, however, has an impressive 2500mAh capacity — well up there with some of the bigger names. Like the Samsung and SONY batteries, the LG HE2 is a flat-top battery. This is a more recent innovation in vaping batteries to meet demands from manufacturers trying to create ever-smaller vape mods to meet demands for portability from users.

5. Brillipower 18650 Batteries

Brillipower is another relatively new name in the vaping industry, but their super-powerful batteries are already creating quite a stir among vapers. With their impressive 3100mAh capacity and 40A output, these batteries are great for heavy users who want to get the best performance out of any vaporizer — and Brillipower has even designed their batteries with a super high discharge to ensure those great results no matter what kind of device you use. Although far from the cheapest 18650 battery on the market, the Brillipower cell is still good value for money considering the capacity and performance involved.

Choosing the right battery can make the difference between an average and a great vaping experience. It is worth trying out different makes of battery with a new device to see which ones are most compatible and produce the most satisfactory results.


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