Top 5 Best 200 Watt Box Mods For High Wattage Vaping 2021

Best 200 Watt Box Mods

The Best 200 Watt Box Mods are the quality improvements over the last-gen vape box mods. New vape mods coming out in 2021 has the best vape chipset for modern vaping tailored for your reliability with RDAs, RDTAs, and sub-ohm tanks.

Many brands are offering some cool designs that can exhibit your imagination. We have chosen the exclusive set of best 200-watt box mods that are superb with extreme cloud-chasing from many of the best vape brands.

The best 200w high wattage vape mods are the definite choice for flavors and stress vaping. We have used several high-wattage box mods that have impressed the preferences of modern vapers for efficiency, long-duration battery limits, and quick controls with vivid stats screens.

At a Glance:

People have spoken the words when they try something new, and facts sharing make us believe the results. The following five box mods with high wattage of 200 watts are awesome vape mods that interest vapers to enjoy the feelings of delicious vapes with the feelings of modern hardware.

Today we have chosen the kind that only matters for high-level vapers who take vaping seriously without messing up with small vape devices. It is the determination that helps settle with modernized vaporizers and pod mods and box mods for better-rated performance.

It is why we only tend to review new technology improved vape box mods. Those are all we want to talk about for high wattage, better battery life, custom outputs of variable voltages, and very on become the supreme level convenient choice for interested vapers. To comply with our top 5 best 200 watts, box mods will provide numerous options to evaluate the results of your preferences.

Best 200 Watt Box Mods

DesignVape ModsRetailer
Best PickAspire Rhea Box Mod
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Budget PickSMOK G Priv V3 Kit 230W
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Staff PickInnokin Proton Box Vape Mod
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Vaporesso Gen S 220W 
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Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Vape
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Aspire Rhea Box Mod

Best Pick
Aspire Rhea Box Mod

The Aspire Rhea box mod is the most advanced next-level box mod with the modern era technology that is self-explanatory. It features many unique elements but the most dominant secs include a beautiful design that is tough like an industrial-grade masterpiece and smooth like leather.

Aspire branded it as shocking proof armor with a reliable casing that is wrapped in soft-touch material. Its ergonomic design fatigue-free grip is elegant in touch. There is top of line 510 connector for a wide variety of vape tanks that are 28mm in diameter.

The Rhea box mod features massive power delivery from 1watt to 200watts, ideal for cloud chasing and stress vaping. It also has a variable temperature system that allows you to adjust the temp from 200 to 600F with a resistance of 0.1 to 3.5 ohms that is impressive for high caliber vape box mods.

The device has support for dual 18650 batteries that are rechargeable via a USB Type-C quick charging port. There you find a 0.95 inches TFT colorful screen for different settings and modes, which indicated all the necessary details for vaping.

SMOK G Priv V3 Kit 230W

Budget Pick
SMOK G Priv V3 Kit 230W

The Smok G-Priv 3 is the latest stylish box mod from the Smok-tech G-PRIV series that are idealistic for big tough screens and massive power mods. The new G-Priv 3 has no exceptions from the futuristic design that Smok offers with high resolution 2.4 inch LED screen with sharper pixels that can ease eyes from straining small numbers.

The large display is touch, so using is not a problem in the era of smartphones where everything is going buttonless day by day. Smok also adds gesture buttons to support touch display in an immediate sense for an alternative approach. Both the buttons and screen can customize your vape with effective adjustments.

When you’re ready for quality vaping, you will find Smok products are before any other brand for premium features and cost-effective tags. That is something we consider value for money. The Smok G-Priv supports two 18650 batteries under the hood and impressively provides top-range wattage delivery to stress vaping.

The battery door has magnets that secure them effortlessly and charge fastly with a USB Type-C cable that is an excellent futuristic feature that we love to see in modern vape devices for even functions. Durability wise their multiple protection is layered on top of the zinc alloy chassis rigid in nature.

Under the core, Smok added the highly efficient 32-bit IQ-G chipset that is the heart of digital functions for temperature options, security protection, and touch controls. You will find a TFV16 Lite Tank in the kit, two new mesh coils: Conical Mesh Coil powered by NexMesh, and a TFV16 Dual Mesh for the best flavors.

Innokin Proton Box Vape Mod

Staff Pick
Innokin Proton Box Vape Mod

The Innokin Proton is an impressive 235W box mod that comes in a complete kit for vapers to enjoy high wattage vaping with variable temperature control features. The new Innokin Proton 235W is characterized as a beautiful design vape mod that has a massive power draw of a maximum of 235 wattages with two of 18650 batteries in possession.

It is a straightforward machine for vaping for modern vapers considering the monitor screen of 1.45 inches large TFT full-color display that is impressive for viewing the details. You can be sure of the wattage of Innokin Proton box vape 235 massive power delivery with dual-18650 battery sets.

The Innokin vision of design is also the top priority for Proton mod with different approaches in terms of a vape mod. It has elegant and stylish curved edges with the appeal of modern high-end electronic devices. Its build quality is strong with all the options for included Plexus coils and mesh coil, which means it has a higher heating capacity for better flavors and a better throat hit.

You can use the Innokin Scion 2 tank to boost the vape flavors. For controlling and features managing, Innokin introduces a new joystick controller with different clicks for different things. You can hold the joystick to adjust the vape settings and minimize or increase the temperatures and wattage.

Vaporesso Gen S 220W 

Vaporesso Gen S 220W

The Vaporesso Gen S is a lightweight, heavy-duty box mod for all the handy vaping. It comes in a wide variety of colors that look great. It is the most compact modern designed box mod capable of providing up to 220 wattage high-performance vaping experience.

The background engineering is based on the is next generation of Vaporesso with multiple layered meshed coils that very nice kept all the flavors. These included GT4 meshed coils that range from 0.15Ω with 50-75wattage, a GT meshed coil with a range of 0.18Ω with 50-85wattage.

Vaporesso included it with a very high fast charger that can charge the mod with 2.5 Amps more than many other box mods in the market. You can expect a full charging time of approx 60 minutes that is impressive for dual 18650 batteries.

Under the heart, it has a new Axon chip that is consistent for high-quality vaping with all the available mods like the exclusive “Pulse Mode,” which is an excellent addition for 27% extra flavors and cloud satisfaction. You will see “Smart TC” featured for accurate temperature controls and “Power Eco Mode” for the long-run battery endurance along with the pulse mode.

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Vape

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Vape

The Lost Vape Centaurus DNA250C is an advance Paranormal DNA with impressive features and high-end performance capabilities. It is based on the Evolv DNA 250C chipset, which is ideal for 200w output. As the name suggests, Centaurus DNA250C is packaged with high-quality materials that include carbon fiber and stainless steel for external strength.

When vaping is your last stop, going with the Lost Vape Centaurus DNA box mod will undoubtedly help you stay comfortable with an all-in-one performance vaporizer. It features many advanced settings that are easy to customize and can add random wattage.

DNA box mods are likely the highlight of pro vapers for their efficiency with the smooth performance of 200 watts. There are three modes for vaping delicious: the Watt Boost, Watts, and Replay. You can use the wattage mode for the functionality of ramp-up wattage with a maximum performance threshold that utilizes the preheated Atomizer for the boost.

The Watts feature is similar in aspect, but it is more like old-fashioned modes of wattage. It acts as the bridge between the actual Wattage Boost and Wattage controls for the preferences for wattage switch. That can turn on and off the Wattage Boost between the modes.

The Replay mode is getting things easy for the temperature controls, which involves selecting your preferable wattage for the vape. That means you can vape the same temperatures and wattage level for a long run without changing and waiting for the correct capabilities.


We have assured you of your desire for the best performance, high power, best 200-watt box mods. There are exceptionally no performance hiccups when you have a real deal of a vape mod that uses TC functions to match your preferred choice of clouds and flavors. Our chosen 200wattge controls et box mods come with all the flawless implementation powerful chipsets to perform faster ramp-up wattage with aggressiveness. As we know, box mods are getting more and more power. It is time that the upcoming best box mods will feature 300 plus wattage for extra powerful and flavorful vaping with the satisfaction of reliable technology to contain secure and sound vape features.

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