Best eGo Batteries 2020

Best eGo Batteries

Before anyone thought of box mods, there were eGos, self-contained batteries starting at around 650mAh. Typically, one recharges an eGo using a USB port. This can take up to an hour and a half, the result being a battery that lasts half a day or more.

Manufacturers also make clearomizers or tanks matching the width of these batteries and tend to create variations on the size and other features of their designs. The top 5 eGo batteries make for a colorful assortment.

Best eGo Vape Batteries

1. Kanger EVOD

This is another one of those iconic vaping batteries offered in lots of colors. Like the Joye eGo, Kanger’s EVOD has been copied many times by lots of other companies, but the format is highly recognizable.

Whereas the button on an eGo sticks out just a little, this one is metal and it is completely flush with the rest of the structure. Try a 650mAh version or opt for something bigger. Matching tanks come in the same series of lovely colours.

2. Innokin VV4

Version 4 of Innokin’s uniquely geometric battery is a pass-through eGo or wireless; a VV or a VW battery; and it even provides a display. This is a very small screen, but here you can see your wattage between 6W and 15W or voltage, 3V to 6V by 0.1V increments. Battery power is indicated by colored lights. The VV4 features short-circuit protection and it remembers your last setting.

3. Vapros Nunchaku

Vapros also brings you the Nunchaku eGo, an impressive device for people who mean business when they vape. Dabble with a more powerful design in the form of an eGo: 2000mAh and up to 18W.

The Nanchaku can be adjusted between 6W and 18W and is also lockable so you don’t waste power by turning it on unintentionally. Although they don’t make a pass-through version, the Nanchaku can be used this way by plugging the cord into its mini port and continuing to vape or it can be recharged for mobile, cordless use anywhere, any time.

The Nanchaku features five tiny LED lights which tell you its power level. When all lights are on, that means your device has full power. When you get down to 1 light, that means you are at a low 20% and should replenish the power supply.

4. Vision Spinner 2

Usually, it’s best to buy the next generation of any battery you are interested in. Battery technology is always improving and you get a safer, more efficient product that way. The Vision Spinner 2, like its predecessor, is a variable voltage pen-type battery but is more powerful by an extra 300mAh at 1600mAh and the colors are a more vivid.

Vapros also improved the feel of their variable voltage dial and PCB safety provisions such as an 8-second cut-off. If you find their 1600mah battery too large, there is also a Mini rated 850mAh.

5. Joyetech eGo-T

There is a huge variety in this class of battery, an upgrade from the original eGo battery. Joye’s tank-topped cell comes in sizes ranging from 650mAh to 1000mAh, but that’s not all. You can buy a pass-through version which doesn’t require charging; you just plug it into the nearest and most convenient USB outlet and vape while you type or play a game on the TV.

With the regular, rechargeable variety, just remove a cap at the base to reveal a USB port. Cover this part to keep the port clean. You can lock this battery on or off in order to prevent accidentally draining the cell.


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