7 Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits For Beginners 2021 Guide

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits
Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Vapor cigarette starter kits come with everything you need to try out e-cigs. These bundles satisfy the needs of many new vapers worldwide; people who are looking to try out vapor products in a simple way.

Here are some of the best e-cigarette kits to compare, followed by discounts when available.

Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Every company approaches starter kits in their own way. Certain firms are minimalist and only sell what you would refer to as “express” kits. They are like single rechargeable e-cigs with one extra cartridge and charger. Others build kits of varying sizes containing fancy hardware and appealing extras.

1. Halo Cigalikes

About $45 buys a Halo G6 set in one of 9 colors. Connect to several possible flavors, most of them tobacco-themed. While Square’s kit is minimal and White Cloud sells three types of batteries, Halo proposes a single mini cig kit.

Once you choose the color, then pick a battery size (65 mm or 78 mm), an automatic or manual style, and 1 or 2 cartridge flavors. Choose blank cartomizers and add a bottle of their high-class but affordable e-liquid if you prefer.

2. Volcano from Hawaii

I am still focusing on mini cig sets here: venturing into eGo-style bundles would require a whole other article. Volcano and Halo both sell them, and Volcano goes one better, listing a VV/VW mod kit as well. But if you are really just starting, the Magma should go on your shortlist. Like Square and Halo, Volcano lists just one set, but it is a PCC kit. The Portable Charging Case, known as an M-Pack, designed for your Magma mini cig, charges a spare battery when you are nowhere near a USB port or mains power source. On sale for $39.99 (usually about $20 more), it comes with 10 cartridges and 2 batteries.

3. V2 Cigs

Now we take a departure from the simplicity found above and enter a realm of exceptional choice. If you are the sort of person who can’t manage when there are too many options, stay with Volcano. V2 Cigs has created 10 kits if you include the Classic/EX Series variations and don’t look at the Pro Series 3-in-1 vaporizer or Vapor Couture’s line of ladies’ e-cigs. This is their Ultimate Starter Kit: Some V2 bundles come with just regular batteries and cartomizers. Others contain e-liquid or a power cig. There is a kit with a PCC. Customers get to choose automatic or manual batteries and select 10 colors or patterns: 5 each for the Classic and EX. There are also 12 cartridge styles, not including limited edition replacements and 12 e liquids.

4. South Beach Smoke

Another firm from Florida, South Beach Smoke, offers a similar price range and orientation without the option to upgrade to an EX battery. The big deal at South Beach Smoke is their cartridges. Like Halo, White Cloud, Square Smoke, and Volcano, South Beach Smoke uses US-made juices. They also supply 16 possible flavors. Eversmoke and VaporFi are owned by the same company like South Beach Smoke, so their mini cig products are virtually identical to this one. VaporFi, however, doesn’t carry 5 possible kits or sell e-liquid cartomizers with their set. Customers order those separately. Like South Beach Smoke, they use American e juice.

5. Mig Cigs

Out of the Chicago, suburbs comes a company that thought differently from everyone else when they created their starter kits. Mig Cigs builds theirs to be compatible with other brands. There are 6, each featuring a list of devices to which their e-cig batteries or cartridges will connect properly. Customers often complain that they like one part of a brand’s e-cig but not the other and wish they could combine products. Now they can.

6. Square Smoke

The Square Smoke ReLoad Starter Kit resembles a fancy lighter, but the shell is a case for one battery, 2 cartridges, and a USB charger. Customers pay just $9.99, cartridge refills cost $9.99 for 5, and new batteries are $7.99. While I would not usually argue in favor of such a small kit (two batteries would be better), customers would pay this much for one disposable e-cig. Square Smoke supplies the essential goods to get you started.

7. White Cloud Cirrus

This company from Florida sells 5 Cirrus sets, including an Omni Kit customers get to individualize. Sets contain 2 or 3 batteries, at least one charger, and some are packaged with their special multi-charger: the Squid. White Cloud kits only work with pre-filled cartridges, just right for vapers who do not like the fuss and mess of refilling tiny tanks and are uninterested in trying big batteries.

Choosing a Brand of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Now you see just some of the options: there are dozens more. Moreover, companies like Mig Cigs, VaporFi, and South Beach Smoke join many of the others listed above to provide next-level pens and sometimes advanced personal vaporizers.

But for the time being, patrons should concentrate on these factors. One thing to ask is what type of e juice is used: American, made from USP-grade ingredients in a laboratory environment using food-grade flavorings. Ask about reward points: how much money can you earn back by remaining a loyal customer? Points are redeemable with that company for products only.

Is there a recycling program and, if so, are there benefits to going green such as bonus products or points? Check for upgrade options such as empty cartomizers and clearomizers. Halo, V2, and others sell blanks that look like pre-filled cartons to perpetuate a mini cig’s cigarette-style. These two brands and others also list clear tanks with slightly more capacity, a wider bore for filling, drip tips for comfortable vaping, and potentially better flavor. This is another way to get the best of both worlds: choose the batteries you like and fill with juice from whatever company you want.

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