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Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Best Electronic Cigarettes 2021 is the way of getting started with vaping. The rapid demand for e-cigarettes is the reason many new devices released to the market that give tough competition to other brands. Here we have chosen a great deal of affordable electronic cigarettes for everyone. We have selected e-cigs that come in many different appearances and qualities from the best electronic cigarette brands in the world.

Although there are different types of vape devices, e-cigarettes have their own league of selected designs that resemble conventional cigarettes in looks but have mechanical properties. Their appearance is small, but the actual performance of vapes is greater in terms of the best e-cigarette devices. The setup of e-cigs has a composition of compact appearance that is a good approach for starters to quit smoking and adopt vaping.

6 Best Electronic Cigarettes 2021

Vaping has evolved many times and introduces new ways of vaping with innovations of vape devices that resulted in easing vapers. Even though you probably think every conceivable style of e-cig has already been invented, distributed, and marketed. The innovation never stops the outbreaks of modern technology.

It’s been a decade since e-cigarettes have been introduced to people as an alternative to tobacco smoking as a revolution. The resulting popularity opens a field of vape devices different from bulky vape box mods and easily available for disposal.

The growth of e-cigarettes increases the debate around the world as a savior of cancer from tobacco smoking cigarettes. It gives strength to the e-cigarettes industry to spread even further and become a reason for people to quit smoking.

The modern electronic cigarette industry is growing even faster with the coming of new brands onto the market. That makes old brands focus on development and innovation rather than marketing strategies. Here are listed best e-cigarette pods that have the innovation that is clearly intended for startup vaping.

With zero compromises, our mentioned e-cigarettes catching up with both the advanced level users and beginners. To get the best electronic cigarette there, we provide you a line of devices from which you can choose the overall suitable design full-featured e-cig vape device.

Innokin Endura T22 Pro - Best for Heavy Vapers and Starters
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Vaporesso Osmall - Best
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SMOK RPM80 Pro - Best E-Cigarette for Heavy Smokers
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Oxva Velocity 21700
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Innokin Sceptre
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Eleaf iStick Power 2
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Innokin Endura T22 Pro – Best for Heavy Vapers and Starters

Innokin Endura T22 Pro

The Innokin Endura T22 Pro is a great design, excellent build, premium-grade best starter electronic cigarette for all the high-quality vaping. It comes with the new Prism T18E Pro tank that is the leading vape accessory from Innokin-tech. You can expect high-end performance from Innokin Endura T22 Pro electronic cigarettes for the use of vaping.

It has pretty impressive specs that include a 3000mAh battery capacity with a charging speed of 2 Amps with a USB-C port. Unlike the screen mods, it has none. You can use the LED indications for the battery capacity that can reveal on the front with the press of the LED-lit fire button.

Excluding the display is a wise decision that increases the battery life and adds simplicity for beginners. Its new T18E Pro tank is a great match for the T18 range of coils, which can be a 1.5ohm coil or 1.7ohms for explicit flavors. The use of a power-efficient Avatar smart chip gives maximum outputs of 9.5W, 11W, 12.5W, and 13.5W for peak performance.

You can not go wrong while using this Innokin Endura T22 Pro e-cig, which is simple and powerful at the same time. It will feel you the MTL vapers which is the result of perfectly matched tanks and coils with the resistance that ranges from lowest 0.6Ω to -3.5ohm’s.

Vaporesso Osmall – Best

Vaporesso Osmall

The Vaporesso Osmall is the best of all small electronic cigarettes to suit everyone for discreet mouth-to-lung vaping. It is considered a compact pod kit that is so discrete to look cute. Even though it is small, the functionality is getting nailed with all the basic features for regular vapes that it provides excellent nicotine delivery.

The features that are set fantastic for small vape device Vaporesso Osmall are the 11 watts maximum output, with a moderate 350mAh battery which is capable of filling the demand and provide a sufficient life. Its charging is quick and fully charged in under 45 minutes with a micro USB.

There is also a contended capacity of 2ml of vape juice that is great with 1.2ohm coil resistance, which is permanent. The good thing about the Vaporesso little Osmall device has refillable pods. You can add new e-liquid into the pod after consumption with the help of a dropper.

Being a wonderful discrete electronic cigarette device, Osmall is lightweight with the compatibility of 26grams. You can sneak it pocket for any occasion unnoticed. On the other hand, its battery life is impressive for the 350mAh capacity and spend time of approximately five hours on a full charge with moderate to heavy usage.

However, the non-removable 1.2ohm Flax Cotton Fabric Coil performs very well with 50VG and 50PG juice ratio. But there are not so great coils is if you ask, beginners can make use of moderate production of clouds and expect satisfying results.

SMOK RPM80 Pro – Best E-Cigarette for Heavy Smokers


The RPM80 Pro kit electronic cigarettes are the enormous edition of the SMOK RPM line. SMOK is a recognized brand of vape devices, and its vape mods are great in terms of quality and compatibility with a number of options. Such as batteries and coils. The SMOK RPM80 Pro comes with the option of a removable 3000 mAh 18650 battery that is great for long-run vaping without the power shortage.

It has a full-color 0.96-inch OLED display for stats with a simple UI design that shows straightforward details. You can have it for the adjustments of maximum loadout 80W output by pressing the control buttons. It is massive for an electronic cigarette for sure, but you can experience a lot more than average beginner-friendly e-cigs.

The SMOK RPM80 Pro comes with both MTL and DTL vaping mods that give it the capabilities to use RPM and RGC coils with multiple coil heads. That can deliver 0.17ohm conical mesh allowing the great flavors to pass through your mouth with lots of clouds for a satisfying vaping experience.

The convenience of a simplified vaping system keeps the power control without temp control and bypass or passthrough for a pleasant experience. You can enjoy flavors without messing with the advanced controls that are nice for beginners to have less fussy settings that are good for simple actions.

Under the chassis, all of its internal affairs are processed by the IQ-80 chipset which offers, the safety of short circuit protection and over-heating protection along with atomizer functionalities of recognition for puffs, timer, and counter. In our testing, it is a great device for heavy vaping and also lasts longer with a respective capacity of 18650 battery.

Oxva Velocity 21700

Oxva Velocity 21700

Oxva Velocity is a new edition to vape pods with huge power and a small design. It is a high standards best electronic cig with the innovation of 510 threading for the adopter to fit on top of the pod to provide excellent compatibility and customizable vaping experience. The reason it is named 21700 is because of the support of 21700, 20700, and 18650 batteries for power.

The ability to use three different types of batteries is awesome for compatibility and saving bucks on extra expensive accessories when you already own one of the mentioned. TheIr it has an OLED screen just like the RPM80 Pro, you can use it to view stats such as the output voltage, which fluctuates from 0.5v to 8.0volts.

The main advantage of Oxva Velocity 21700 is the 5 to 100watts power that is remarkable for low-profile vape devices to do more. For the vape juice, you can use the filling up to 5ml, which is decent for full-day vaping. The Oxva Velocity 21700 comes with two mesh coils that support RBA and 510 plates. The Unipro refillable pod has two Unicoil and Unipro coil-heads that you can use for future vapes.

Its battery life is dependent on the performance once you loaded it with a full-charged battery of either choice 21700, 20700, or 18650. It lasts less than 8 hours of mileage due to great power delivery of 100watts. You can not expect it to go further without lowering the output limits.

In the sense of a modern charging port, the type-C included for fast charging with 2 Amps of quick charge that consume less time and gets all the security of short circuit, overcharge, over-discharge, and bounded over-current protections. We think it is the best for all categories of vapers with an absolutely brilliant performance.

Innokin Sceptre

Innokin Sceptre

The Innokin Sceptre is a pod-based AIO electronic cigarette configuration for modern times. It has beginner-friendly operations for both MTL and RDL vaping. Innokin put Sceptre on the list of futuristic vape pods for the complexity of a two-piece design that replicates in a variety of different textures with colors on the sides.

This also makes the replacement of coils easy, although the battery is non-removable, which is a drawback for some of us. But anyhow, it gained the spot for convenient electric cig that can do impressive vaping discreetly and stand right under the 100 grams for lightweight portability.

There is a 1400mAh battery capacity for which you can use the whole day utilizing the most 8Amps of decent output. That gives you a long vaping with a practical 3ml e-liquid tank. Innoking also ads several mods for the vaping scenarios. Such as the Boost mode gives more vapors with more heating, and you can activate it with the pressing of the power button until you see a purple LED light.

For convenience, Innoking never stops adding final touchups for user’s appreciation. There they include two vape coils in the box. One is a 1.2-ohm MTL coil that runs on 9 watts normal to 10 watts boost, while another one is a 0.5-ohm RDL coil that can run on 18 watts normal to 20 watts max boost for sub-ohm performance.

Eleaf iStick Power 2

Eleaf iStick Power 2

If you are looking to invent on best for bucks electronic cigarette, Eleaf iStick Power 2 is the top-of-line contender for the special offering from Eleaf technologies. They have built the most impressive vape mods and pods that are generations old and still comfortable in usage. The latest entry, Eleaf iStick Power 2, will become a hope for MTL vapers out there.

It features a massive capacity of 5000mAh battery stuck inside for internal behavior, which is not a problem when the capacity is that huge. You can grab it to vape, last longer for a couple of days, and even more with moderate output. It uses the GTL pod-tank for quite delicious flavors that are usual for the wide plate 510 connection.

It has an impressive performance of 80 watts that we want to highlight for the big battery Eleaf iStick. It makes the vapor production rapid for comfortable with the addition of a GTL pod tank that includes two coils for the supportive resistance of 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm.

However, Eleaf included the long battery life mode that is known as the Smart Mode, which prevents the fuss and ranges the wattage from 15 watts to a maximum of 30 watts that gives you a long run with not much of a compromise regarding the handy 0.8Ω coil output of delicious flavors.

The mode is perfect for inexperienced users to enjoy vaping with an automatic voltage controller. This is mentioned as a Mouth-to-Lung device for the long drip tip of the GTL pod tank. In the sense of protection Eleaf included it with a smart chipset and type-C charging, which provides security against the over wattage and over-charging.


Finding the best e-cig is easy when you know the outcome of premium quality vape devices. Here in the article, we have reviewed several of the high-end latest models of the best electronic cigarettes that give you a premium experience while staying under your specific budget of vapes. If you are a beginner, these are the e-cig devices that you can consider as the best e-cig to quit smoking with vaping. Many smokers are looking to switch and needed reliable vape starter kits. Our listed best e-cigarette can replace smoking in the easiest way with an open choice from pretty different forms of electronic cigarettes. They are loaded with great customizations and offer incredible features that suit your desire to opt for the comparative best e-cigs for an excellent vaping experience.

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