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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands
Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

The electronic cigarette industry is growing. Even though you probably think every conceivable style of e-cig has already been invented, distributed, and marketed, you would be wrong. New brands come onto the market.

That lag is forced to fold. Old brands develop new styles to compete in a fierce market and out-perform the new models, yet even the lesser-known and less popular models have their place. What are the top brands of e-cigs currently, and why do they stay at the top?

V2 Cigs

V2 CigsSometimes the chart-topper is favored simply because it is in the lead. Consumers trust that to arrive there; the brand must have something other brands lack.

In the case of V2 Cigs, their trust is well-placed. V2 Cigs use relatively long-lasting batteries, and their proprietary e-liquid is often as well-liked as handcrafted brands. They make more than 10 flavors of cartridges and sell blank cartridges so customers can use mini cigs with e-liquid.

They’ve earned a level of confidence. Even though selling adapters enable V2 Cigs users to attach other cartridges to their batteries, V2 Cigs sells them and tells customers which brands of e-cigs are compatible. If you like the flavor of Cloud 9 but the power of V2 mini cig batteries, an adapter is your answer. Customers love it when companies add these little charitable touches to a product line.

V2 Cigs is also holding its position with mini cig users because they innovate regularly. First, they invented Vapor Couture, a brand of attractive slim e-cigs, especially for women. Next, they brought consumers the EX battery series and blank cartridges. Finally, they introduced EX cartridges to go with EX batteries.

They only work with each other (not Classic batteries and cartridges), and the EX cartridge is capable of holding much more e-liquid than classic V2 blank cartridges. The viewing window is a nice touch too.

V2 Cigs starter kits are as user-friendly as ever and offer clients a range of choices, from the basic one-battery unit to a full set with multiple pieces. They run a successful affiliate program that isn’t making people rich but helps them pay for their cartridges and perhaps pocket a few dollars each month.


HaloThis company has been making a mark with consumers who like flashy, colorful mini cigs, are interested in going to the next level, and customers who appreciate excellent e-liquid. Their G6 mini batteries could do with revamping, but the look and feel are excellent. Their Triton cig keeps mini cig customers at Halo even when tired of short-life batteries and short-fill cartridges.

Customers appreciate two starter kits, one for each line, instead of multiple varieties, some with extra chargers, a case, a USB-cig, etc. The only differences between items are their colors. Both are extremely affordable.

Halo Purity e-liquid is so popular and of such high quality, that general retailers alongside top-shelf handcrafted products carry it. Many e-liquid artisans are blending dessert-style and fruit e-liquids, but Halo stays true to ex-smokers who still crave the flavor of tobacco. Much of their menu is made up of tobacco styles.


VaporfiWhen customers part ways with their original e-cig company, they go in search of advanced models. There was nothing wrong with customer service or quality, but mini cigs weren’t giving consumers what they wanted any longer.

Vapor Zone succeeds in gaining clients who are just beginning to vape and keeping them as their experience grows. Their Express is a cigalike: roughly the same weight and size as a cigarette.

This style is preferred by many smokers whose addiction is partly to nicotine, partly to the habit of holding a light cylinder between two fingers.

Vapor Zone manufactures six types of electronic cigarettes after the Express is the Air, a 350 mAh device with the unusual distinction of squashed to a flat shape.

Their Pro resembles other eGos, but the Jet, Pulse, and Rebel are advanced models with LED screens. Each starter kit comes with hardware only: no liquid, not even cartridges for the Express.

Customers purchase e-liquid separately and enjoy more than 30,000 choices when customized juice is taken into account.


Most brands of electronic cigarettes are designed in the United States but manufactured in China. Apollo E-Cigs take patriotism seriously, designing and making their products in the US. Their website is supremely helpful to the new vaper.

Descriptions for each starter kit also indicate what type of smoker it would be good for light, moderate, or heavy. Apollo also makes intermediate vaping devices to follow mini cig customers to the next stage.

In Apollo’s case, consumers don’t mind paying more because they know their dollar stays in the US.

Green Smoke

Not far from V2 Cigs on review charts for much of the past two years has been Green Smoke. Their products are more expensive than most others, and they offer a shortlist of flavors, but these are some of the freshest cartridges and batteries you will ever consume. Cartridges also last longer than the competitions’ cartridges.

Green Smoke is a big hit with environmentally conscientious customers. Green Smoke encourages clients to return 80 empty cartridges at a time and even pay the shipping.

In exchange, customers receive another package of cartridges for free. Though they do not accept dead batteries (even rechargeable batteries only last so long), Green Smoke can tell you where to find the nearest recycling depot.


According to reviewers, 777’s line of e-cigs is reputable and long-lived. Their several starter kits have helped to promote a strong image. Consumers love starter kits because they are packed with everything a vaper needs to do vaping work (chargers, one or more batteries, and cartridges) but for less than these parts’ price individually.

Their prices are excellent, but clearly, price is not the major feature a consumer looks for. Costs can be deceiving. Although 777 e-cigs are great products, it is tough to beat the output and quality of a V2 e-cig.

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