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Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers
Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

When you think about vaping, first thoughts will usually turn to nicotine — after all, most vapers use their devices as an alternative to smoking. However, a growing number of people are using the same devices to vape medical marijuana instead of smoking it in roll-up cigarettes.

People vape medical marijuana for many of the same reasons that people vape e-liquids rather than smoking cigarettes — it is better for your health. In vaporizers, the marijuana is heated, not burned, reducing the damaging carcinogens that can enter your body when you smoke cannabis.

Inhaling vapor rather than smoke also reduces the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as emphysema and asthma later in life. Smoking medical marijuana doesn’t just damage your lungs; it can also lead to mouth and throat cancer cases, though the risk is reduced dramatically when you use a vaporizer.

Also, vaping gives you a much stronger hit from your medical marijuana, making its active ingredients much more effective in treating whatever condition or symptoms you are dealing with. Moreover, the vapor doesn’t smell as strongly of marijuana as the smoke from roll-ups, making it easier for you to use in public without any disapproving looks from people around you.

In the early days of vaping, you would have had to invest quite a lot of money in a large desktop vaporizer if you wanted to vape medical marijuana. Still, technology has moved on in recent years, and there are now lots of portable devices that can help you use your medical marijuana when you are out and about.

Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers

1. V2 Pro Series Three

V2 Pro Series Three

V2 is a well-respected and reliable vaping brand, and the V2 Pro Series Three is one of its best-selling vape pens. Its flexible setup allows you to vape medical marijuana and e-liquids to get the dose you need and enjoy some of the creative flavor combinations on the market.

The 650mAh battery will easily keep you vaping all day, but it also has the useful option of allowing you to charge the device while vaping, so you never need to worry about running out of power.

2. Firefly 2

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a stylish hand-held device that vapes both dry herbs and concentrates, making it an ideal medical marijuana option. The device heats up to 400F in just three seconds, creating a powerful vapor almost instantly, and the Firefly 2 can recharge fully in just 45 minutes.

You can even create favorite settings on the Firefly app, allowing you to set the controls on your device at just the touch of a button once your vaporizer is connected to your smartphone.

3. Crafty


The Crafty vaporizer is a funky device with some innovative design features to make vaping your medical marijuana a more pleasant experience. The vapor is first heated in the heating chamber before being passed through a cooling unit to make your medical marijuana vapor easier to inhale.

This is an easy-to-use, hand-held device that heats up to its pre-set temperature of 356F in seconds, with a simple green light indicating when the vapor is ready to inhale. Crafty also offers connectivity with your smartphone through Bluetooth to help you control your vaporizer settings remotely.

4. G Pen Elite

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is an attractive and sleek vaporizer with precise temperature control options to help you tailor your medical marijuana vapor to your own taste or needs. The ceramic heating chamber can hit the device’s maximum temperature of 428F in just 30 seconds, making it ideal for those who need to get their marijuana hit in a hurry to tackle painful symptoms. This is one of the smaller medical marijuana vaporizers that fit easily into pockets or bags and can be used discreetly in public if needed.

5. Haze Dual V3

Haze Dual V3

The Haze Dual V3 vaporizer offers the ultimate in vaping flexibility. The “dual” in the name refers to the two chambers in the device, heating the material to create the vapor and a second chamber, which cools the vapor slightly before you inhale.

Unlike many vaporizers that are only compatible with one kind of material, the Haze Dual V3 can be used to vape dry herbs, e-liquids, wax, and concentrates, allowing you to choose different options when it comes to vaping medical marijuana.


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