Best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) in 2021 – Guide

Best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers
Best Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers

RDA stands for the rebuildable dripping atomizer, and these devices are fast becoming the must-have vaping component for serious vapers. Although the processes involved in an RDA are relatively simple — insert the wick through your coil, fill the tank with e-liquid, and attach the mouthpiece — there are many slight variations and adaptations you can make to your RDA to make it work for you.

Find that you are running out of e-liquid too often? Choose an RDA with a bigger capacity. Want to have more control over your vapor production? Choose an RDA with more accurate airflow control. Whatever your preferences, there is an RDA out there that will suit your vaping needs.

Recoil Performance RDA

The Recoil Performance RDA results from a creative collaboration between vaping heavyweights Grimm Green and Ohm Boy. The flavor is king with this device, and the creators have used 3-mm side airholes to enhance your enjoyment of a smooth and flavorful vapor. The Recoil Performance RDA is 24 mm in diameter and includes 2.5-mm terminals on its split-center post, giving you a solid and reliable 22-mm base to build and an ample well 7 mm deep. Available in black, red, purple, green, blue, and classic stainless steel, this is a well-made device that will go well with many of the best vape mods, both in terms of technology and style.

The Drifter

This is the latest entry into the RDA market from Hobo Customs, and it is an imposing piece of kit which experienced vapers will love to modify. Despite being just 22 mm tall, the Drifter offers an impressively deep 7-mm well — perfect for those who want to minimize size, not so great for those who haven’t quite mastered rebuilding as working in such small spaces can be tricky. The Drifter is one of the only RDAs on the market with 3D airholes, which can be adjusted to cope with single or dual coil set-ups. It produces great flavors and a smooth vapor and is built from quality stainless steel for a classy look.

The Goon RDA

The Goon is the RDA that ambitious builders have been dreaming of. If you have visions of complex builds creating your perfect vapor, then this is the device for you. Its 24 mm diameter houses a two-terminal build-deck and compares very well with RDAs that are significantly more expensive when it comes to performance. Even so, it is relatively easy to use and would make a decent first RDA for someone who is looking to develop their interest in vaping further — though it would take an experienced builder to get the most out of this versatile device. Currently available in a stylish range of colors — black, copper, gold, and stainless steel — the Goon is a device that lives up to expectations on the outside and the inside.

The Aeolus Lite

The Aelous Lite is a well-designed RDA that doesn’t let vapers down when it comes to vapor production and flavor. This device has one of the smoothest draws on the market, yet is one of the cheaper RDA options you can buy. You can fine-tune your vapor production via two sets of adjustable airflow holes at the top of the device — which also reduces leaks. The body of the Aelous Lite stays cool too, which makes it much easier to handle mid-vape or while making adjustments, and it is currently available in either red, black, purple, stainless steel, or “Tiffany Blue.”

Wotofo Troll v2

The second-generation Wotofo Troll RDA has all its predecessors’ best features and some new and interesting additions to improve performance. This RDA is 22 mm in diameter but boasts bigger 2.7-mm post holes, ideal for those vapers who prefer using larger coils. This device has an enormous 10-mm well — plenty of room for e-liquid — and innovative, angled airflow holes to give you additional control over your vapor. The Wotofo Troll is most popular with cloud-chasing vapers, those who favor large clouds over string flavors and is currently available in black or a classic stainless steel finish.

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