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Best Temp Control Mods
Best Temp Control Mods

In an industry that is constantly innovating and always introducing the “next big thing,” the temp control mod has a decent claim to be one of the biggest success stories in vaping. A temp control mod is a device that actually recognizes the style or capacity of the atomizer you are using and automatically adjusts the temperature control to make sure you are getting the safest and the most enjoyable results.

It is a great development for new vapers who want to progress to vape mods but are intimidated by all the different settings and buttons but is also popular with more advanced users who build their own atomizers and want to be sure their settings are being safely monitored. All you need to do is set the maximum temperature on your device to give the vaporizer at least some parameters, and then start vaping.

This technology that allows the creation of a temp control mod is now being deployed by many of the big names in vaping, and below is a selection of some of the best if you want to try out this innovation for yourself.

Best Temp Control Mods

Pioneer4You IPVD3 and IPV4

Pioneer4You is behind two of the best temp control mods on the market at the moment, the IPVD3 and the IPV4. The IPVD3 is a more basic model and, priced at just over $50, is also the cheapest. Its 18650 replaceable battery gives you plenty of power while easy for even vape mod beginners to use.

The IPV4 is the next generation temp control mod from Pioneer4You. It costs a little more than the IPVD3, retailing at around $70. It uses two 18650 batteries and has an impressive 120W of power in VW (variable wattage) and 100J in temperature control mode.


SMOK is one of the best-selling brand names in vaping, and its temp control mod device, the SMOK X Cube II, possesses undeniable potential to be a best-seller itself. This is a really flexible vape mod which can be operated as a standard mod without temp control, or for just an additional $2, you can get access to the temp control mod settings on the SMOK app, connecting your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to your mod, allowing you to make precise temperature modifications on-screen. With a mighty 160W output, this is a powerful vape mod in its own right. But add in the temp control capabilities, and it becomes a truly great device.

Innokin Cortex TC Mod 80W

The Innokin Cortex TC Mod may not be one of the cheapest temp control mods on the market, but the chances are that it does offer the best value for money given all the different features it offers. It is really a straightforward device to operate, which, coupled with the temp control mod functions, makes this ideal for beginners. It has a powerful 3000mAh battery, which can keep you powered up for days at a time and an 80W maximum output.

Kanger K Box 200W TC Mod

Last but by no means least, the Kanger K Box 200W TC Mod is one of the most powerful temp control mods to hit the market, with a maximum output of 200W. Powered by two 18650 batteries, this device can work with coils down to a resistance of 0.05 ohms, giving users some great opportunities for temp control sub-ohm vaping. It retails at a meager price of $30, but it is worth considering that this is for the mod only and that you will still have to buy the batteries and tank separately.

If you are thinking of trying out a temp control mod next time you upgrade, there are already plenty of choices on the market, and these will only continue to improve as the technology involved is developed further.

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