10 Best Vape Tank For Big Clouds UK

10 Best Vape Tank For Big Clouds UK

The Best Vape Tank For Clouds is Sub-Ohm Tank to achieve extinguish results from any vape juice to last longer and have full flavours with cloud chasing. They are known for great puffs and huge clouds, and fully dissolve the sweet taste of E-juice in your mouth.

Sub Ohm Tanks have always been good for vaping since the beginning; they were designed for high-performance APVs, those e-cigs with built-in microchips and adjustable voltage and wattage.

Back in the earlier days, you would see them on a decent system like the Vamo V5, Volcano LavaTube 2.5, Innokin Cool Fire 2, or Smok SID.

The advanced Sub-Ohm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) have a design that suits big clouds and benefits high wattage with variable temperature control settings.

I’ve to brag about some of the awesome vape tanks that are great for big cloud chasing. In this list, you will find ten of the most convenient vape tanks for big clouds.

At a Glance:

Vape tanks are a necessity for vape mods to enable the exceeding joy of cloud chasing. You can not vape without a tank. Sub-ohm tanks are a perfect accessory when vaping is your daily habit.

The arguable sub-ohm tanks are the answer to big clouds and flavourful convenience. They are considered a powerful choice for advanced vaping with equivalent RDA vape mods.

Best Vape Tank For Big Clouds

Staff PickSMOK TFV16 - Cloud King
Check Price
Best PickHorizontech Sakerz Tank
Check Price
Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro
Check Price
Budget PickInnokin Zlide Sub-Ohm Tank - Best Budget MLT Vape Tank
Check Price
Freemax M Pro 2
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Wotofo NexMesh Pro
Check Price
Uwell Crown 5
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Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank
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Innokin Zenith Pro
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SMOK TFV12 - Cloud Beast
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SMOK TFV16 – Cloud King

Staff Pick

The SMOK TFV16 is the latest cloud king with the latest innovations from SMOK technologies. It is the great sub-ohm tank with immersive cloud chasing properties that are on another level.

You can drown in its cloud mist with many flavours without hesitations. It has 510 threads and a 28 mm diameter top filling for great cloud chasing.

In my findings, it is the atomizer with an absolute airflow system to allow full flavours of e-liquid from an extra-large 9mL mesh sub-ohm tank. Its high resistance is compatible with high-wattage vaping for quick clouds.

You can own the TFV16 mesh sub-ohm tank to vape with multiple coil options to range the wattage from 60W to 120watts.

In massive clouds reputation, the new SMOK TFV16 tank aggressively produces intensive flavours and wins the title from the last-gen cloud beast SMOK TFV8, known as a great cloud building representative.

Horizontech Sakerz Tank

Best Pick
Horizontech Sakerz Tank

The Horizontech Sakerz Tank is the latest premium tank with great cloud reproduction functionalities to offer an enjoyable vaping experience. It has a 29.5 mm diameter, comes with a top-up filing system, and has a perfect blend of robust flavours and volumetric clouds.

The compatibility deck of bubble glass has 5mL capacity, while another included straight glass has 3.5mL capacity. Horizontech introduced new mesh coils for Sakerz Tank that gives resistance of 0.16ohm and 0.17ohms.

The special two-in-one Horizon Sakerz coil has a rated wattage of 70W to output rapid clouds with optimal heat that produces satisfying vapour and delivers leak-free functionality. The tank has a wide bore of 810 drip tips and connects to the 510 thread.

There is a dual slotted top airflow control ring constructed from durable stainless steel chassis that holds reinforcement against accidental drops for excellent performance.

Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro

Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro

When you want professional-grade high-end vaping with extreme cloud chasing, the new latest edition Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro is the only contender of great vapour efficiency with its massive 32 mm large surface diameter.

It is a beastly-sized epic 8mL of your favourite delicious vape juice, ensuring consistent peak performance of sub-ohm mesh coils. Uwell Valryrian 2 Pro has support for the Uwell Valryian line of coils.

The UN2 Standard Coil has 0.32ohm resistance with rated 100W, UN2-2 Dual Coil has 0.14ohm resistance with rated 90W, UN2-3 Triple Coil has 0.16ohm with rated resistance of 100W, and FeCrAl Quad Coil has 0.15ohm immersive resistance with rated 120W.

You can have the 510 threaded connection for serious vaping that HorizonTech’s Sakerz sub-ohm tank delivers. There is an easy-hinged cap design that flips for swapping, refilling, and replacing coils.

Innokin Zlide Sub-Ohm Tank – Best Budget MLT Vape Tank

Budget Pick
Innokin Zlide Sub-Ohm Tank

Innokin Zlide Tank is a multiple vape tank that has many advantages for budget-friendly cloud vaping. The 24 mm diameter of Zlide sub-ohm tank has four airflows that are treated for the direct MLT vaping experience.

The feature that makes it suitable for all grade vapers is an easy-to-fill system with a top cap that slides to an open tank as a reliable filing position. Innokin has a variety of coils that make it a strong contender.

The contributed Z-Coil line features Z-plex3d, a 48-ohm coil, and Zenith 1.6-ohm coil for great resistance. There is stainless steel construction with a replaceable glass tank and adjustable airflow for highly satisfying MTL vaping.

You can own an Innokin Zlide tank to hold up to 4mL of vape juice, along with a wide variety of vape coils that are compatible with Zlide design.

Freemax M Pro 2

Freemax M Pro 2

The Freemax Maxus Pro 2 is the latest upgrade over the current available Freemax M Pro tank. The latest version has many improved elements that make it the best flavoured and best performance sub-ohm tank.

The prior upgrades include new compatibility, new FM CoilTech and 5ml of vape juice capacity. The latest coil series introduced with the Freemax M Pro 2 consists of 904L, M1, M2, M3, and M4 mesh sub-ohm coils.

These new coils on the FreeMax Maxus Pro 2 tank deliver 0.2-ohm resistance when combined with the M2 Mesh Coils and have a drastically improved range of 0.15 ohm with SS904L M1 Coil.

Even though, the new coils are tough, made with SS904L material. There is support for previous mesh pro coils to equip as an alternative. Freemax M Pro 2 has a tea fibre and cotton wicks system for long-lasting, accurate vaping for flavours.

Wotofo NexMesh Pro

Wotofo NexMesh Pro

The NexMesh Pro by Wotofo is a sub-ohm tank with very premium aesthetics and components that resembles quality construction. It has a top filling solution that is through the 810 Delrin drip tip.

It slides the caps and opens up the filling panel of silicone, preventing the e-liquid from leaking out and easily refilling your e-juice. The brand Wotofo introduced a new line of coils to stand out NexMesh Pro as a special sub-ohm tank.

The H12 Clapton Mesh Coil has a resistance of 0.20 ohms, and others coils from the H15 series with Single Mesh & Parallel Coil have 0.15ohm resistance that is good for squonk mods.

There is a 6mL good amount of capacity in the bubble glass tube of the Wotofo NexMesh Pro tank for full-day vaping.

Uwell Crown 5

Uwell Crown 5

The legendry edition Uwell Crown V tank is the latest in the line of optimal pro-FOCS (Flavor Testing Technology) to boost flavours. There are reinforcement material choices for the strong development of stainless steel tanks.

Its capacity is 5mL with innovative Uwell’s self-cleaning system suitable for the various adjustments for big clouds and quick heating. There is a setup for multiple mesh coils preferences that range from different wattage levels with the Mesh Pro-FOCS coil system.

The single mesh coil can resist at 0.23ohms and ranges from 65W to 70 watts. In comparison, the dual mesh coil has a resistance of 0.3ohms from 50W to above.

The triple mesh coil has 0.2ohm resistance that can range from 65W to 70 wattages. All the coils deliver rich flavours, and the design support smooth airflow for DTL vaping.

Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank

Augvape Intake Sub-Ohm Tank

It is a popular Intake dual RTA from Augvape. The Augvape Intake sub-ohm tank is stainless steel and comes with replaceable glass and a pre-installed 810 drip tip (mouthpiece).

It is a 25 mm diameter sub-ohm tank with the capacity of 5mL of e-juice in the bubble glass and 3.5mL with a straight glass tank. There are two coils, one is a mesh coil with a resistance of 0.15ohm, and another is a Clapton mesh coil with 0.2ohm resistance.

The innovative top airflow has adjustable controls with a dual slotted ring that delivers exquisite flavours with vapour and great clouds. When measuring the power, I’ve found both of the included coils are active for 60 watts and 75 watts.

The design of the Augvape Intake tank has a 510 threaded connection and support top fill for easy access. Overall, the tank is suitable for clouds and reliable for leak-free vaping.

Innokin Zenith Pro

Innokin Zenith Pro

The Innokin Zenith Pro tank extinguishes premium entry to the DTL (Direct to Lung) and MLT (Mouth To Lung) vaping. Its dual-centric airflow allows it to produce great flavours from the exaggerated coils, and hold up to 5.5ml e-liquid incapacity.

The size it carries has 24.7 mm in diameter and comes with a top cap for the best filling process with a safe opening mechanism of twist and turn.

This smart spring-loaded design of Zenith Pro tank functions explicitly for the leak-proof replacement of vape coils that usually requires splitting and draining e-liquid in other models.

The tank comes with two of Z-Coils. The single design coil has a resistance of 1ohm with a rated wattage range from 20W, while the Z KAL Dual Coil has 1.2ohm resistance with a rated wattage from 10 to 14 watts.

Like the Augvape Intake tank, the Innokin Zenith Pro has a 510 connection and comes included with glass tubes.

SMOK TFV12 – Cloud Beast


The SMOK TFV12 belongs to the famous SMOK series of cloud beasts vape tanks that are appropriate by the name ‘Cloud Beasts.’ The TFV12 has extraordinary vape juice capacity with an 8ml bubble tank that is exceptional for everyday long-lasting vapour.

There is a 25 mm diameter base for a 510 thread connection that is normal for modern vape tanks to adjust on average box mods.

There is a hinge lock system with swivels opens on top for refilling the e-juice. You can have coils from the SMOK prince coil family. They have compatibility with the TFV12 vape tank.

The T10 Decuple Coil provides resistance of 0.12ohm to range up to 120 watts. Such like Q4 Quadruple Coil has an 80 to 100W range with 0.4-ohm resistance.

SMOK introduces dual adjustable air slots for the performance of great clouds to make sure high palatable flavours and consistency pleasure serious clouds chase to enjoy the unforgettable experience of vaping with SMOK TFV12 vape tank.


The top 10 best vape tanks for clouds ensured sub-ohm tanks. It is due to the greatness of cloud chasing capabilities, and reliability. They are suitable for your choice for everyday vaping desires.

My list is dedicated to those who quit smoking and join vaping as a considerable healthy alternative, at least not having as much harm as it is with smoking.

The massive success of sub-ohm tanks benefits big clouds that are dense and misty for any occasion. If you find it useful, hit your comments below, I’ll love to reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What vape tank blows the biggest clouds?

To amuse from biggest clouds for seriously enjoyable vaping, there are 10 best vape tanks that I find absolutely beast for clouds with all the explicit flavors of e-juices. Among them, the winner of the best cloud chasing activity is the latest edition SMOK TFV16 that is a cloud king of sub-ohm vaping tanks. It has good resistance and a great capacity to vapor big clouds.

What’s the biggest vape tank?

The biggest size best vape tank for clouds is the king of clouds SMOK TFV16, which is the latest to the legendry line of SMOK beast cloud chasing sub-ohm vape tanks. It has a huge capacity of 9mL for e-juice to provide long-term vaping without refilling. In my testing, the second place goes to the Uwell Valyrian 2 Pro tank that holds an aggressive capacity of 8mL of vape liquid for serious vaping.

Which coil is best for flavor?

Out of the variety, there are six material types of vape coils: Titanium, Kanthal, Nichrome, Stainless Steel, and Nickel. Among them, the best-known coils for favors are Kanthal and Nichrome. When looking to buy, consider either pre-wrapped Fused Clapton coils or Clapton coils to taste your vape even better. The three things you can do to make sure better taste of the vapor is Limiting your Airflow, choose the right Wick, select higher PG Juices for best flavors.

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