10 Best Vape Tank For Big Clouds and Flavours in 2021

Best Vape Tank For Big Clouds

Tanks have always been good for low ohms. They were designed for high-performance APVs: those e-cigs with built-in microchips and adjustable voltage and wattage. Back in the earlier days, you would see them on a decent system like the Vamo V5, Volcano LavaTube 2.5, Innokin Cool Fire 2, or Smok SID.

Tanks such as the Nautilus and ViVi Nova have created beautiful, fluffy, warm clouds for vapers for several years. High-watt products, however, have changed the game and more manufacturers now make sub-ohm tanks.

Best Vape Tank Maker

Aspire has been the perhaps top name in tank-making during that time with their Nautilus Tank, and now their Atlantis, and Cleito. SMOKTECH has taken the lead of the big brands with their new TF tanks. Kanger is another serious competitor. Their ProTank and Aerotank models in assorted sizes have been joined by the Subtank and now the Toptank. Other names you see in this category are Horizon, Crown, Joyetech, and Innokin.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast

This appropriately named ‘Cloud Beast’ is the runaway winner for someone looking for serious clouds, and it also creates excellent flavor to boot!

This is a tank that needs a high-powered vape mod, as the minimum recommended wattage range is around 50 watts, and upwards to around 180 watts.

There are a few coil options for this as well, and they are total beasts!

Aspire Cleito

This is a beautiful, simple, affordable, and extremely high flowing sub-ohm tank with a new design for maximum airflow and vapor.

It comes with Clapton coils, and the new design is that the coil screws into the cap and the base, so there is no tube/chimney that the coil attaches to.

This allows for minimal air restriction.

The coils on this also have massive feed holes, and so it has no problem keeping the juice flowing into the tank as you are exhaling big puffy clouds.


This is one of the highest flowing tanks available, with virtually no air restriction at all. If you are looking for maximum clouds of a vape tank, this is a beast.

The TFV4 features a QUADRUPLE coil head (when you buy the kit) and a TRIPLE coil head when you buy the single kit! It is a 5ml tank.

There are also Micro and Mini versions available, but don’t be fooled. The Micro has a 3.5ml capacity, along with a glass extension that allows 5.5ml!

Smok TCT (Temperature Control Tank)

Temperature control is a feature found in mods containing the DNA 40 chip and also Yihi SX chips. Those include Hana Modz, the XPV, and an HCigar DNA 40 box mod. Kanthal and Ni-Chrome coils burn out quickly and do not handle high temperatures. Ni-200 coils (high-purity nickel) burn hotter without creating dry hits or burning out. They are temperature-sensitive and necessary with a 40W DNA VW mod. The coil of a TCT by Smok can drop to 0.15 ohms. Your vapor is going to become quite hot.

The base and tip are both vented to prevent e-liquid vapor from seeming overly hot or harsh. An opening is built into the steel beneath a glass tube tip to cool vapor. There is airflow regulation in the stainless steel base as well. The TCT is a big Pyrex tank able to hold 5.5 ml.

Aspire Atlantis

The Atlantis by Aspire was released as an accessory for Aspire’s CF and ESP mods. Airflow is adjustable, and the drip tip can be changed. With a 0.5-ohm coil, it’s great for any box mod or tube mod that reaches around 30W or less: the Eleaf iStick 20W, eVic Supreme by JoyeTech, and Rebel II by VaporFi.

Kanger Subtank Plus

With the Kanger KBox on the market, this manufacturer needed to develop a suitable tank. Their Subtank Plus has already been through various adjustments but looks good in its current form. With 304 Stainless Steel and Pyrex, give juices a clean start with this hybrid tank. Use the pre-built 1.2-ohm or 0.5-ohm coils or switch this base for a DIY atomizer head and build your own. Airflow adjustment is a given.

Smok VCT

It seems like Smok winds up on this list a lot, but the few items listed here don’t even scratch the surface of their tank-making activities. I love the VCT (Vapor Chaser Tank) because Smok’s design allows for use with 4 possible atomizer heads: three with various pre-built coils and one DIY deck.

JoyeTech Delta II

Ego cartomizers wouldn’t stand a chance with the eVic and other high-temperature devices, but JoyeTech has never shied away from the challenge to innovate. Their Delta II in black or silver is a fully covered glass tank with three slender windows displaying juice level. Joye recommends this tank for use with no higher than 45W using either the pre-built coil (LVC) or an RBA head. The Liquid Valve Control head manages 0.5 ohms.

Innokin iSub

Now that the iTaste MVP 3.0 is available in 60W format, it is time for Innokin to step up their game and move past their iClear series. The iClear is a highly-rated product; don’t get me wrong. It just doesn’t handle sub ohms, high watts, or create competitive, rich clouds, which is why Innokin went back to the drawing board. They also bucked a trend by using polycarbonate instead of Pyrex for the tank.

Polycarbonate has a reputation for cracking under pressure, whether from heat or use or acidic liquids. However, the latest versions coming from Germany appear to withstand a lot of abuse, and Innokin is willing to bet the new PC will be a durable alternative to Pyrex that will not infect juice with a strange, plastic-y taste. The iSub features stainless steel caps, a stainless steel drip tip, airflow control, and assorted tank tube colors. PC is also cheaper than Pyrex, so this is a low-cost option compared to the rest.

SMOK ATTA (Discontinued)

At 3 ml, this sub-ohm tank is big but not huge. Your package contains a pre-built 0.5-ohm coil and one 1.2-ohm SVC with organic cotton. The top is vented like the TCT to cool e juice vapor on its way into your mouth, and adjustable airflow at the base allows users to regulate the feel of their inhalation. Again, Smok utilizes Pyrex for clean flavor and adds colored O-rings for pizzazz. Use the Smok ATTA with an eVic Supreme, iTaste MVP 2.0, Cool Fire, iStick 10W or 20W, or a mechanical mod.

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