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Dotsquonk Box Mod Review

The Dotmod Dotsquonk Box Mod Review is about the 100w Squonk mod that is presented to us to describe its features, price, along with other essential factors. It is the Dotsquonk 100w mod that comes from a recognized vape manufacturer Dotmod. Just like the previous box mods of Dotmod, the new Dotsquonk box mod kit is stunning with 100 watts of max output.

You can hands on the latest DotMod dotSquonk 21700 mod for a quality build, simple design, and precise vaping mechanism. It is an advanced mechanical mod that endorses DNA vapers to look for when the sleek and restrained design is the choice for vaping passion.

Dotsquonk Box Mod Review

DotMod is known for premium design box mods, and 21700 regulated Squonk mod features the exciting luxury of precise manners with limited availability of beautiful colors and packaging. Dotmod DotSquonk 100w box mod technology integration is innovative with the pursuit of beautiful designs and accommodation of a single 18650 battery.

Even though the price of $130 is justifying for the 100watts mod. Its size is so small to expect such high wattage. But Dotsquonk did it right with every millimeter of construction and place room for a single 18650 battery that supports high voltage rates. That can pair up with the DotSquonk mod for convenient vaping. DotMod is known for premium designs with simple, easy-to-use features.

It is great to see the mechanical Squonk mod in action for the Dotsquonk box mod review. It let us explore the product when we have a chance to look into the vape mods features and experience the results for readers. There is a massive bargain of exceeded limit vape juice tank that can fill up to 8ml of precious e-liquid for long-duration vaping.

Of course, this makes enthusiasts happy when there are many limits on conventional tanks out there. Seeing a large capacity box mod makes any vaper happy for sure. It is a fact whenever a new mod comes out. You have to balance your excitement with a bit of apprehension.

Features of Dotmod Dotsquonk 100w Box Mod in Review

Features of Dotmod Dotsquonk 100w Box Mod in Review

As soon done with the Dotsquonk box mod review and test its capabilities, we thought it would be good to mention the complexity of mechanical box mods to our readers. They are not intended for every vaper out there, only designed to amuse experienced vapers for advanced level vaping.

These non-regulated mechanical mods could be a danger to your health if not appropriately used to the instructions. It needs a lot of maintenance. But as we speak about the features, they are compelling with overrated power like Dotbox 200W consumption.

In that order, the 100watts of Dotsquonk box mod can vary and max out the default limits. It is proprietary that DotChip technology enhanced the power limits from a single 18650 battery and reached the maximum 200watts capacity of mechanical vaporizers.

Design & Build Quality:

DotMod makes great design choices, and they have great packaging for mods. The dotSquonk has compatibility with 18650 batteries using the provided adapter. It takes the overall measurements of 82 x 48.5 x 26 mm, including the aluminum frame, makes it surprisingly light and gives it a great feel. The removable magnetic side panels have powerful magnets, and there’s no play or movement with either discussion on our device.

The Squonk Juice Bottle:

DotMod has made an excellent design choice in making the bottle square in shape. It makes it look neat and tidy and gives you more room for juice. It has a substantial 12ml capacity. The bottle has a subtle dotMod logo on the front, combined with an Ultem top cap with very smooth threading. The material is soft but not too soft and a pleasure to squonk with enough firmness that makes refilling the bottle easy.

Dotmod Squonk 100w Performance:

The pro vaper’s concern is always the performance and intends to know the facts to judge on their own. Well, let us describe the performance specs. Due to the small compact size, there will be little voltage drop, but it’s unusual and only occurs when temperatures rise high, and we notice pretty nominal rates.

If you are a concerned person about every bit of performance, then the Dotmod 100w Squonk mod box is not the vaporizer for you. There is nothing to complain about DotSquonk mech with a slight performance drop in light of our Dotsquonk box mod review.

The minor flaws aside from excellent looks add up the fire button. Sometimes the fire button and the 510 pins could perhaps be a bit unpractical. Well, it is standard across the mechanical box mods. While they are aesthetically pleasing with gold-plated brass, the 510 has no connection problems with spring loads.

It just hits consistently hard when using it out of habit, but the mod fires well, and adding an atomizer can totally flush into the fittings that make it likely more beautiful. Dotmod has done this right and included some small o-rings that sit in the groove of the 510 and help seal the atomizer and prevent leaking.


  • Minimalist design
  • Great build quality
  • Feels excellent in the hand
  • Hits well (no voltage drop)
  • The quality 12ml squonk bottle
  • Utilizes 20700 batteries
  • 18650 adapter


  • Only one squonk bottle included.
  • It is challenging to take apart and maintain.

Specifications of DotSquonk Dotmod 100w Squonk Mod Box:

  1. Dimensions are pretty sleek and about 82×48.5×26 millimeters.
  2. It is powered from a single high Amp 18650 battery.
  3. There is a bottom-feeding Squonk design.
  4. Included large capacity 12ml max e-liquid Squonk bottle.
  5. It is entirely mechanical, which means non-regulated.
  6. It has a magnetic battery door panel.

Dotmod DotSquonk Kit Contents:

  1. It includes a small DotSquonk Mod.
  2. Pair of interchangeable removable doors.
  3. One 18650 battery sleeve.
  4. A vape juice bottle made of silicon.
  5. 510 connector o-ring.
  6. Brass 24k gold plated 510 squonk pins.
  7. Certificate of authenticity.


The luxury of the Dotmod Dotsquonk mods comes with simplicity and elegance that no other box mod does with the high performance of 100 wattages. We have discussed the design and performance factors with the Dotsquonk box mod review to ensure your decision. The DotSquonk 100w mechanical mod details help you decide about the adjustments and usage of different elements such as the screen and control panel for the best vaping performance. The Dotchip technology maximum output to 100watts, which is more than enough for stress vaping and cloud chasing.

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