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KOOPOR Mini 2 Review

The Koopor Mini 2 Review is about the successor of the Koopor Mini vape mod, which SMOK build to live up to the trend of small yet comfortable box mods in the form of Smok’s Koopor Mini 2. It can run on up to 80W TC variable wattage with 18650 batteries.

You can expect good performance from Smok box mods. The most compact vaporizer, Koopor Mini 2, has all the new upgrades that can benefit modern vapers. The ergonomics are great, sleek metal construction with high-quality zinc alloy is comfortable holding in hands while offering durability.

SMOK KOOPOR Mini 2 Review

The best Koopor Mini 2 we reviewed is powered by single high wattage 18650 battery that leads this Smok Mod to great puffs. Its wattage mode has a massive range from 1W to a huge 60W high current for extreme vapes. That’s right. The new Koopor Mini is a single station for extreme vaping out of the box.

Vapers don’t need gimmicks; there is no electronic value in a unique design or a novel shape. All they want is power, performance, and reliability at a reasonable price. Smok provides that over and over with their many devices, including the Smok Koopor Mini 2.

The electronic powerhouse behind any Smok’s excellent tanks, including the Helmet, their TFV4, and others. With this mod on your side, you have the power to build brilliant clouds of vapor. SMOK’s high-powered device uses removable batteries, offers two settings, and comes in 4 colors.

Koopor Mini 2 comes with a bright screen to show you all the details about resistance and output ranges. There it has a USB port that is constructed to circuitry onboard for recharging and updating the software. The outside is more like furnished furniture with a shiny glare which flexes reflections.

Koopor Mini 2 Price and Features:Koopor Mini 2 Price and Features

The Koopor Mini 2 price is $50 that can suggest you quiet the adjustments for all the vaping needs. There is also a low wattage adjustment from 0.1watts. While Koopor advertised the Mini 2 as a featureful vape mod with an adjustment of 1 watt to 60 watts.

As the review unit arrives, we have noticed the Koopor Mini has flawed firmware, which is somewhat irritating than comfortable. The new Koopor Mini 2 firmware update is applied over with the help of a micro USB port to fix the flaws.

Other than that, the device is rocking solid for fine vaping, and that Koopor provides necessary updates that increment the issue through new firmware. There is excellent fluxation in the magnetic battery door that does not wobble or accidentally come off when using for a long time.

The replacement of the 18650 battery is snappy fast and comes into place perfectly. The key pressed is also relatively tactile with not no long waiting times like on other mods we’ve used for the past few years. Let’s take a look at some of the core features of the Koopor Mini 2 review unit in detail.

USB Options

The USB port on a device signifies one or both of two functions. It can be there to recharge the battery, or it could be for upgrading firmware. Most companies with removable batteries recommend doing so rather than recharging cells internally, but you have the choice with this Smok Koopor Mini 2. Upgrade firmware (chipset controls) and watching Smok’s website for signs that new features are available to download.

Dual Driver

The single driver system, according to manufacturers, limits your voltage system to either boosting or bucking voltage. With the Dual Driver System (DDS), the Koopor can do both, so the voltage is constantly monitored and regulated. It is an attentive PCB, concerned for the regularity of performance and also your safety.

Extra-Sensory Performance

You thought ESP meant something else? At SMOK, they’re talking about resistance monitoring. Their high-frequency system (HFDMR) can constantly detect your atomizer coil’s resistance; I’m talking about micro-seconds here. That means every second. Their HFDMR checks resistance thousands of times to ensure precise heat control. Resistance is adjusted at the same time to remain uniform as you puff.

Temp Control and Variable Watt Settings

The Koopor Mini 2 is an 80W device that can be run with atomizers containing Kanthal wire or TC wire. Select a setting and coil. You can adjust these values by pressing the plus and minus buttons lined up side-by-side below the screen and above the USB port.

A large power button above the screen lets you choose modes. Vary wattage from 1W up and temp between 200F and 600F. In the latter setting, you can build or install coils as low as 0.06 ohms. That is atomizer agility at its finest.

Big Display

These mods look big until you see a picture of someone holding one, and then you realize how tiny they are. That does not stop SMOK from installing a relatively large screen measuring just under one inch. That OLED display is set a little way back from the exterior, and for a good reason.

Although this might cast a bit of shadow, it stops the screen from coming into direct contact with the floor if you drop the mod. The frame is durable, but screens are often fragile.

Koopor Kit

Several companies supply the Koopor Mini 2 by Smok as part of a starter set. It comes in a package with a sub-ohm atomizer tank, such as the Helmet and Smok, a 2-ml RBA with an insulated mouthpiece, and metal reinforcement around the glass. The TFV4 is more flexible; pre-built Nickel 200 coils are available.


Overall usage of the Smok Koopor Mini 2 review has suggested enough features for most extreme vapers to understand the value of minor mods. Its OLED display is clear and does not bother eyes to view the controls. Other than the flawed firmware, there is nothing to complain about for such an incredible small box mod that can sniff in suits pockets without a bulge. Well, the USB port now has respect for multifunction. It can be used to charge the battery and upgrades the firmware when needed.

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