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Laisimo S3 200W TC

With a 102 mm length, round top-mounted screen, and metal finish, the Laisimo S3 200W TC mod adopts a familiar shape. Turn it on its side, without an atomizer attached, and you could be holding the barrel of a black or stainless steel pistol.

If you miss Innokin’s Cool Fire II (the grenade), this might be an appealing shape. Consider a high-watt Laisimo, priced well below the cost of a small firearm at roughly $40.

Laisimo S3 200W TC

Firing Range

You can still take this device out on the firing range but a different sort; this one is designed to get the most flavor and produce the greatest amount of vapor from your supply of e juice. Select Variable Wattage or choose to run the Laisimo in Temperature Control format.

In the first instance, you can be extremely precise between 5 watts and up to 200 watts. This gives you room to create cool vapor or explore layers in a multi-faceted variety like a cocktail, complex tobacco, or a gourmet dessert vape.

With Temperature Control mode, you are thinking even more specifically about the temperature. Sticking with a single wattage does not stop the vapor from getting hotter until it reaches the maximum value. With TC setting, vapers select something from a low of 212F to a high of 662F, and the Laisimo S3 200W TC mod regulates wattage, so the user maintains his or her temperature setting when the coil has reached a sought-after level.

Coil Collection

Weapons experts know bullets, but expert vapers understand coils. They understand that a variable watt vaping session couples safely with NiChrome or Kanthal (usually Kanthal wire). A vaper selecting the ideal temperature for his vape has to install Titanium, stainless steel, or Nickel 200 heating coils designed for this purpose.

The Laisimo, like other regulated mods, won’t even fire up in TC setting if your coils are not right. Choose something between 0.05 ohms and 2.5 ohms when your device is set for variable temperature vaping.

Constant Pressure

Laisimo’s device is unlike many, which allow the vaper to pulse for bursts of more power occasionally. Regular pulsing is dangerous, but you can’t even do that here. The output is regulated to a constant value powered by two 18650-series high-drain cells, which don’t come with this mod. Buy two sets to have one in the charger as the other set is working. A magnetic battery door holds these in place.

Hot Display

Feel dangerous holding your Laisimo 200W vape mod with its rotating circular screen. Is this some digital weapon? What’s the top-screen, really? Passers-by might wonder, but you know this is just a screen located within your usual line of sight — at the top of the mod.

This makes so much sense; why don’t other mod manufacturers do the same? There are far too few examples of this innovation and vapers like it. View your voltage and wattage, wattage and temperature, resistance, and battery power on a large round screen that lights up brightly and features crisply defined numbers and letters for easy reading, even in your human-made fog.

Self Defense

Focus defense on these high-powered electronics, which, if mistreated, can potentially malfunction, breakdown completely, or even explode. That’s unlikely to happen with the smart chipsets built into these fantastic devices, but you can’t treat them like toys. Users are safeguarded against extremes of voltage, temperature, and resistance.

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