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Madvapes Blacksmith Mod Review

The Madvapes Blacksmith Mod Review is about the Madvapes Blacksmith DNA200 mod that is a new edition to Madvapes Vape kits. The brand follows up the trend and builds some awesome vape mods for vapers to enjoy fancy and stylish looks with quality vaping devices.

Madvapes Blacksmith Mod Review

The Madvapes Blacksmith mod is from the Madvapes Blacksmith authentics line that has brought you the deviate alien-style mods, crocked finishes of carbon 40 DNA40 device constructed with stunning materials. The Madvapes vape mod kits have a really good impression on people for unique and modern box mods.

Here we have described some of the ordinary details with Madvapes Blacksmith mod review. They have now added Madvapes customer service for consumers to get quick answers. You can also get the Madvapes Prime Juice that is a perfect fit for the Blacksmith DNA200 vape mod.

Madvapes has added some new vaporizers to their collections, but the Madvapes Blacksmith DNA200 is no coincidence that the brand is on the right track to invent some cool features vape mods. Being one of the best-selling brands on the market, Madvapes Blacksmith editions is the famous one of vaporizers that everyone wants to buy.

Features of Madvapes Blacksmith Mod DNA200

Features of Madvapes Blacksmith Mod DNA200

MadVapes has a wide selection of vaping mods and vape hardware that can bear loads of variable voltage and comes in varieties of modern finishes. The vape mod DNA200 is a mechanical mod with a variable volt custom control set screen for managing all the best functions.

It has everything you need to get started with Madvapes Vape kits. Their collection carries a wide variety of e-cig kits suitable for all e-cig vapers. The vape mod is an all-in-one mod kit that has core features like different finishes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes.Related Article:

Unique Patterns

Textures, colors, and patterns on the Madvapes Blacksmith Mod are original and either exotic or industrial. The Templar has its medieval qualities and a rich shade of date brown that puts one in mind of a middle-eastern desert.

The Black Widow features only the Madvapes smoke plume against black, while the Contour is black with a textured finish. Finally, a Diamond Plat is reminiscent of tire treads but in silver, not black, and certainly not rubber. Each one is collectible.

Unusual patterning extends to the arrangement and shapes of switches. The top button is a diamond, not a square. I thought. First, it was simply a square tilted onto a point, but it is truly a diamond set above the small screen. Below a display, two small oval buttons are set at an angle like angry eyes over a mouth (USB port) to suggest aggression. Together these elements put the “mad” in “Madvapes.”

Technically Speaking

Madvapes utilizes an Evolv DNA 200W control panel, another reason for the high price. It is the most acceptable box mod computer chip available. Not only is Evolv’s latest creation, but the system can be upgraded later using the built-in USB port and a computer.

A 200W board from Evolv supplies temperature control, not just overheating protection. Select your preferred vaping temperature to create relatively cool or quite hot e juice vapor. The addition of a tank with airflow control built into both caps allows you to modulate temperature further.

Coil Selection

You can still run a Blacksmith mod in VW mode using a coil made from Kanthal, but if you are going to use temperature control (TC), you had best be investing in Titanium or Nickel coils. I don’t mean the cheap Nichrome coils either: Ni200 pure alloy.

The Blacksmith’s DNA 200W chip recognizes which type of coil has been installed into your atomizer as well as its resistance. If the coil is Ni200 or Titanium, it will allow you to select the TC setting and a super-low resistance level. If you are still using Kanthal, the box will only permit you to work in VW mode.

Powerful Screen

With a DNA200 onboard, you know the screen is going to be beautiful. This one displays ohms, temperature, watts, and volts seamlessly. Recharge the machine from the port at a laptop or other USB source and watch the battery icon fill up over a couple of hours. Don’t sit and watch: you can keep vaping too.Related Article:

Brainy Battery

There are three cells built into one with the Madvapes Blacksmith. The system charges all three simultaneously but ensures a balanced charge, even if one cell has power remaining. The total battery power available is just 900 mAh. That’s all you need, which seems remarkable given the options on this vaporizer.


Use any 510-threaded atomizer tank, and it will fit naturally onto the threading well. The collar appears wide, as though Madvapes gave this part of the mod aesthetic consideration like the rest of their box mod. Purchase your favorite version of the Blacksmith while supplies last.

Conclusion of Madvape Mods

The Madvapes is an authentic manufacturer in the United States. They are designed and manufactured here, where materials and labor cost more than in China. The good vape elements have stayed the same while are manufacturers across the world. The Madvape mods are American vaper’s choices for economic-friendly mods that come in various vape mod kits and tanks. Many peoples prefer the Madvapes Blacksmith Mods for being their favorite brand with high-quality products.

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