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Let’s continue on our vape journey and take a look at some of the best RDAs of 2020.

For those of you wondering, “what is an RDA?” RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer (or dripper atomizer). You may also hear it being called a dripper. If you want to vape by dripping, you need an RDA! Dripping involves applying e-liquid to a wick through the mouthpiece.

Most RDA’s include a juice well at the base of the atomizer to hold some e-liquid. Some of the original RDAs had no juice well. However, recently, the juice well has become pretty standard. RDAs always contain a positive post and at least one negative post. It is common to have two negative posts, but one or three is also possible. The positive post is usually found in the middle of the deck, and the negative post is close to the positive one. The positive post will always be insulated with heat resistant insulation and may have two terminators.

Different atomizers have different airflow designs. Airflow is important as it directly impacts the amount of vapor produced. All good RDAs have adjustable air holes, which allows the airflow to be increased or decreased by adjusting the AFC ring.

Without further ado, here is our roundup of the best RDA’s for 2020.


1- Wotofo Troll RDA V2

Wotofo Troll RDA V2

The Wotofo Troll RDA V2 version is a marvel of modern RDAs.

Equipped with two adjustable airflows, the Troll RDA V2 revolutionizes the original Troll design. The Troll V2 features a two-post design with dual terminal 2.7mm posts for a versatile and user-friendly building experience. This RDA was built to pair with any mech or regulated mod on the market. The unique airflow can be adjusted for both a horizontal and vertical airflow configuration. Wotofo includes a slick competition cap for wide-bore intake and maximum flavor. This is a very customizable and affordable RDA!

2- Wismec Bambino RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

Wismec Bambino RDA Rebuildable Atomizer

The Wismec Bambino is an incredible little rebuildable dripping atomizer. Designed by Jay-Bo, the CEO of Tobh, the Bambino offers a high-end appearance as it’s constructed of stainless steel and stands merely 19mm from top to bottom.

Don’t let its small size fool you, though. The Bambino was designed with a small chamber to increase the flavor from your e-liquid greatly and features a top cap with a vortex flow design to increase the vapor production. However, if that isn’t enough, the Wismec Bambino also uses 6 air-inlet holes for maximum vapor production. Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to know that the Bambino sports a large juice well and a 3-post terminal design that can handle single or dual coil setups. All this packed into one highly compact RDA that will perform just as well as it looks!

3- Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA

Tugboat V2 Authentic RDA

The Tugboat V2 is a stellar RDA. The Tugboat V2 is a high-end RDA made by Flawless. Its deck and cap are constructed of stainless steel, while its sleeve and tip are made of color aluminum.

Its outer diameter comes in at just 22mm, which has become standard for most drippers. It features a 3-post design to accept both single and dual coil setups and has a rather large drip well for those of you who over-drip. Furthermore, you’ll be pleased to know that the Tugboat V2 RDA features adjustable airflow control with large dual holes. Other perks include a flush-mounted cap with Tugboat engraving and American flag engraving, as well as a serialized drip tip with Tugboat V2 engraving.

4- Wotofo Freakshow Mini RDA

Wotofo Freakshow Mini RDA

Easily one of the most talked-about rebuildable dripping atomizers on the vaping market, and the Wotofo Freakshow has gained the spotlight from the community with both its name and its mind-blowing performance.

The Freakshow RDA remains to be one of the best RDA choices when it comes to flavoring chasing. The Freakshow is an innovative dripping atomizer which has been constructed to offer bottom airflow. This bottom airflow method was designed so that the air stream immediately clashes with the coil underneath, giving the most precise and best flavor experience possible. On the outside, two huge airflow holes rest at the bottom of the RDA, giving a clear path through the body chamber and directly to the top of the Freakshow’s deck, then hitting the coils with a blast of airflow each time.

This RDA features stainless steel construction, making it very durable. It’s only 22mm in diameter, which will allow it to fit perfectly with any device you pair it with. The overall design and size make the Freakshow look outstanding, even improving your device’s overall appearance. The Freakshow also sports a rather deep juice well, which is a great feature to have if you ever over-drip your e-liquid.

5- Cthulhu Mods Hastur V2 Two Post RDA

Cthulhu Mods Hastur V2 Two Post RDA

The Hastur V2 Two Post RDA is Cthulhu Mods’ newest entry into the rebuildable dripping atomizer scene, combining a well-balanced size profile with a two-post dual terminal build deck, a squonk ready center pin, and a rechanneled top airflow.

Featuring a two-post build deck, which has quickly become the benchmark design for usability and effectiveness, the Hastur V2 integrates two 1.5mm terminals per post to allow for easy coil setting and configuration. The base juice well measures 5mm deep alongside PEEK insulators that make for a versatile building platform. The Hastur V2 also includes a squonk ready center pin that allows users to utilize the RDA with squonk based devices for extended range.

The Hastur V2 features a rechanneled airflow approach in which the external air intakes are located nearer to the top of the barrel, then ‘swirled’ down to enter the chamber 6mm lower, minimizing leakage while providing a unique airflow pattern.

Each air slot measures 11mm by 2mm and can be throttled down based on user preference. Two drip tip options are included with each set, with a proprietary fitted Delrin drip tip features a spit-back protection design alongside a dual o-ring sealed 510 drip tip adapter.

Measuring 20mm in height from base to drip tip base, the Hastur V2 is manufactured out of 304 stainless steel, which provides good durability and heft to match the smaller overall sizing. Built to be a versatile, affordable, and full-featured platform, Cthulhu Mods’ Hastur V2 Two Post RDA has the range and capability to be utilized in flavor, vapor, and squonk centric set-ups.

6- 528 Customs Goon Two Post Clamp Style RDA

528 Customs Goon Two Post Clamp Style RDA

The Goon RDA by 528 Customs presents one of the most innovative and intuitive terminal designs to date. It features a two-post clamp style design in which the coil leads are inserted and sandwiched between a large flat surface area makes setting coils extremely easy.

Positioning and inserting coil leads is done within a 4mm wide space between each post screws and has a large vertical room range if necessary, making this design one of the most build friendly and efficient designs to date. Each side of the clamp is 24K Gold Plated to ensure consistent and strong conductivity and features a flat surface area to increase contact with each lead. The build deck features a 20mm inside diameter, a 5mm deep juice well, and PEEK insulators, making it a roomy and capable deck purpose-built for builders.

Airflow enters the Goon’s chamber right above the build deck through three 3mm diameter airholes on each side, with a single side airflow option that can be throttled all the way down to a single airhole. Airflow is adjusted via the top cap and allows for a versatile range of options, from fully open to one air hole per side and finally to the aforementioned single airhole option.

This range, coupled with a hybrid compatible copper 510 connection, makes the Goon an excellent all-around platform, from flavor enthusiasts all the way to cloud chasers. The Goon used a proprietary drip tip with a bore measuring 10.5mm and manufactured out of Delrin. With one of the most ambitious yet functional build decks on the market, the 528 Customs Goon RDA makes for an excellent, well-rounded rebuildable dripping atomizer.

7- Royal Hunter Mini RDA by The Council of Vapor

Royal Hunter Mini RDA by The Council of Vapor

The Royal Hunter Mini RDA by Council of Vapor is the evolution of the extremely popular Royal Hunter, packing in the original’s full-featured foundation in a short and compact profile.

Featuring a triple slotted airflow coupled with three 2mm air holes, the Royal Hunter Mini has tremendous airflow capacity while also being fully adjustable for dual coil purposes. The build deck features the squared PEEK insulators alongside deck milled negatives and a dual split positive post, with each posthole measuring 2mm to accommodate a wide variety of coil configurations.

The honeycomb design has been improved, directly integrated into the 13mm wide competition bore Delrin drip tip, with white and black variations included with each set. This greatly increases turbulence in airflow, and with the shortened stature of the Mini, produces outstanding flavor and vapor while simultaneously minimizing spit back due to the inherent design. The Royal Hunter Mini also features the same visually stunning engraving on the base of the atomizer, along with a Royal Hunter Mini engraving on the face of the RDA.

8- Hobo Customs Drifter RDA

Hobo Customs Drifter RDA

The Hobo Customs Drifter RDA is the long-anticipated new platform from one of the most revered Southern California manufacturers in our industry, presenting an RDA with unique, 3D machined angled air slots that create one of the most dynamic and effective airflow systems to date, coupled with a quad post build deck with shelf styled negatives and a 7mm deep juice well.

The Drifter features 3D machined air slots that forces airflow to enter the chamber at an increased angle beneath the coil, creating a highly effective and efficient airflow system. Airflow is introduced smoothly into the chamber and underneath each coil, allowing airflow to more effectively pass over the heating element before exiting through the drip tip, minimizing wasted airflow.

This affects couples with the reduced chamber to produce greater flavor. Exterior airflow measures 6mm by 2mm when fully open and can be throttled down based on preference, with a single airflow option also integrated for single coil or single-sided configurations. The build deck features a split positive post with two 2mm diameter terminals and deck milled shelf styled negative posts that provide superior stability and conductivity for securing negative leads.

The juice well measures a staggering 7mm deep despite an incredibly compact base to drip tip base height of 21mm, offering one of the best sizes to capacity ratios in the rebuildable dripping market. The Drifter is machined out of 316 Stainless Steel, one of the most durable steels used in our industry, and integrates a triple heat fin at the top cap paired with a copper 510 connection PEEK insulation.

9- BMI Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA

BMI Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA

The BMI Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA is Beastmode Industries’ first entry into the rebuildable atomizer segment and, true to their roots, have designed a world-class heavy-duty construction and chassis that outweighs, outperforms, and outclasses the competition.

Grounded in the design philosophy that BMI has come to have worldwide renowned for, the Goldie is simple yet sophisticated, focusing on creating an extremely durable high-performance RDA, elevating a tried and true platform to new heights. Constructed out of Brass, then color-treated and coated with a special technique, the Goldie has a weighted yet balanced profile that exudes durability, quality, and performance.

The sleek and timeless design makes it a perfect pairing with practically any device on the market, focusing on clean lines and curves. The build deck features a quad terminal, split positive arrangement with each terminal measuring 2.7mm in diameter, allowing for a vast range of coil configurations.

The deck and posts’ entirety is 24k Gold Plated, ensuring top-level conductivity while also providing a distinct visual aesthetic. Airflow is arranged in a stacked and slanted pattern, with each airslot measuring 8mm by 2mm, and are adjusted via the top cap cutouts present on either top cap configuration. An included 13mm competition bore top cap allows users to drive the Goldie for maximal vapor production fully.

With a successful translation of BMI’s renowned design philosophies into the RDA segment, the Goldie Back 2 Basics Killa RDA is truly a platform that thrives on providing extraordinary durability and capability at an ultra-competitive price point.

10- Project Sub-Ohm® Edition Mutation X V4S Two Post RDA – Indulgence

Project Sub-Ohm® Edition Mutation X V4S Two Post RDA – Indulgence

Fulfilling one of the biggest design requests, Indulgence has now redesigned the build deck to feature a two-post, dual terminal per post design. Each terminal measures approximately 2.3mm in diameter and is secured via side tension, allowing for superior build clearance and ample flexibility for specific coil styles and structures.

The legendary Mutation X V4 airflow pairs perfectly with the new build deck, featuring the signature parallelogram array that synergizes with the bladed angular adjustable airflow control, inducing a greater swirling effect while providing a more precise level of airflow adjustment. The triple airhole bottom airflow enters via an angular path, providing a smooth and uninterrupted flow directly into the chamber. Each airflow system can be utilized independently or work in tandem.

Renowned for the versatility capable directly out of the box, the V4S retains the original’s triple top cap options, providing an all-encompassing user experience. A preinstalled 11mm beveled top cap provides tremendous airflow capability, while a flush Delrin 510 adapters can be utilized in conjunction or independently with the polycarbonate heat reduction chamber extender.

That sums up the top 10 RDA’s for 2016! Are there any that you think should be added to this list? Leave a note below, and I will keep updating this article over time.

Happy Vaping!


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