Top 10 RTAs Tanks of 2021 Review with Latest User Guide

Top 10 RTAs
Top 10 RTAs

Time to take a look at some of the best Vape RTA’s of 2016. RTA’s are rebuildable tank atomizers. These are a lot like sub-ohm tanks but without the option for pre-built coils. RTA’s give you a lot more flexibility to customize your vape experience.

RTA’s really give you a lot of flexibility in building decks, wicking channels, coil configurations, and tank capacities for your e-liquid. If you’re ready to take your vaping to the next level and are looking for the ultimate in performance and control, you’ve come to the right page.

With countless options for build decks, wicking channels, coil configurations, and tank capacities for your e-liquid, RTAs may be the optimal experience for convenience, performance, and control of your vape! Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the best vape RTA’s that you can find online in 2016!


1- Wismec Theorem RTA Kit

Wismec Theorem RTA Kit

The latest from Wismec is the Theorem RTA, which is an incredible new design by JayBo that was inspired by SMM.

The Wismec Theorem RTA features several adjustable airflow options, a top fill design, a uniquely designed build deck, and an impressive brand-new notch coil with cotton. Build to perfection, and vape like you never have before with this RTA.

2- Goliath II RTA

Goliath II RTA

A limited-edition version of the insanely popular rebuildable UD Goliath RTA, this RTA is definitely built for the flavor chasers out there. Constructed of 100% stainless steel, with a custom-built deck, featuring a dual post structure and extra-large post holes, this tank was built for some serious performance. The liquid flow-control mechanism is rather enjoyable for those of you who want a perfectly custom flow. It enables you to open up or section off the large channels which funnel liquid to the wicks. Particularly handy for vapers who use 100% VG juices, this tank’s engineering can take it and vape it! 3mm air slots, coupled with the airflow control ring that leads to the coils, give you the prime setting to blow massive clouds. This RTA features a 4ml tank and a 510 connection.

3- UD Goblin Mini RTA

UD Goblin Mini RTA

If you’re looking to start moving away from continuously having to drip for great performance, then you’ve found the right product. This RTA will give you the same performance as a dripper, but without having actually to drip.

The Goblin Mini RTA is the new and improved yet smaller version of the original and very popular Goblin RTA. This rebuildable tank atomizer is constructed of 304 stainless steel. It utilizes a remarkable glass design for its tank portion, giving clear visibility of your e-liquid and showing off its nice inner workings. Speaking of the tank, it offers a 3mL e-liquid capacity, which allows you to store plenty of e-liquid and reduce the number of times you have to refill your tank. Being named the Goblin Mini, you’ll know that Youde took the time to redesign the tank with a smaller stature, removing any excess space and reducing as much material as possible without affecting the Goblin Mini’s performance.

The Goblin Mini features a Kayfun styled design, meaning you will no longer have to drip, but you’ll still be able to produce a massive vapor production. It captures the best of both worlds, giving you the performance of a rebuildable dripping atomizer but the ease of use and e-liquid capacity of a clearomizer tank. Furthermore, to increase its performance, the Goblin Mini RTA also features a new pendulum airflow control ring located on the base of the atomizer.

And, to ensure that your coils are receiving the appropriate amount of e-liquid, it also has four 4mm e-liquid feeding channels, which will be plenty enough for any coil configuration you install. There’s also a single coil adapter included with the Goblin Mini RTA, which will allow you to build single coils to exactly what you prefer. This ensures that you’re receiving the best performance and the best experience possible with the Youde UD Goblin Mini RTA.

4- GeekVape Avocado Two Post RDTA

GeekVape Avocado Two Post RDTA

The Avocado Two Post RDTA by GeekVape carries on the massive two-post build deck from the Griffin RTA and brings it into an RDTA system, featuring massive quad 4mm wicking ports, dual 2mm terminal posts, adjustable airflow, and a compact 34mm size from the base deck to the drip tip base.

The Avocado RDTA, like it’s sibling the Griffin, packs in one of the most capable two post build decks in its size class, featuring absolutely massive 4mm wick ports that feed into the 3ml tank to ensure rapid and adequate wicking rates alongside the dual post, dual 2mm diameter terminals. Despite its diminutive form factor, the Avocado features an array of class-leading features. Two ceramic single-coil adapters allow users to throttle the system down into a single side. The Avocado’s airflow allows for a maximum intake of dual 7mm by 2mm air slots, with the flexibility to be throttled down or switched to single and dual 2mm diameter air holes.

The ceramic adapters also feature a 2mm diameter airhole bored directly through the body, which can be run simultaneously with the dual airhole configuration, providing additional auxiliary airflow. The Avocado also features a stealth Delrin threaded 510 base that minimizes heat transfer to the drip tip, which can also be removed entirely and replaced with the included 10mm ultra-wide bore top for maximum airflow intake. This adjustment and flexibility level is practically unparalleled in this size and price point, making the GeekVape Avocado Two Post RDTA simultaneously one of the most compact and one of the most functional and capable tank systems in the market today.

5- Cthulhu Mods Hastur Two Post RDTA

Cthulhu Mods Hastur Two Post RDTA

The Hastur Two Post RDTA by Cthulhu Mods is a flagship rebuildable dripping tank atomizer platform designed as a heavy-duty usage platform that features a 6.7ml tank capacity filled via a convenient sliding side top fill design, a 15.5mm diameter two-post, dual terminal build deck, and direct to coil airflow that combines for an incredibly feature-rich system.

The Hastur integrates a class-leading 6.7ml tank capacity, which is easily filled via a sliding gasket sealed top side fill, with the process made even easier with the included needle nose squeeze bottle. Wicking feeds into the four wicking holes integrated into the build deck’s sub-deck, allowing for consistent and effective wicking. The build deck measures 15.5mm in diameter and feature a two post dual terminal design with each terminal measuring 2mm in diameter.

The build deck is secured and aligned with the exterior airflow by way of built-in notches to ensure proper alignment, while an exterior threaded ring locks the build deck into place with the rest of the chassis. This design, along with the sub-deck wicking, allows users to independently remove and configure the build deck without needing to drain the tank, making wicking and coil adjustment incredibly easy.

Airflow feeds directly into the build chamber by way of dual 2.8mm by 9mm air slots, which combine with the widened chimney and standard wide bore drip tip to allow for absolutely tremendous maximum airflow for high powered systems. The Hastur’s chassis is manufactured utilizing 304 Stainless Steel, providing a heft and durability to be expected from a flagship tank.

6- Steam Crave Aromamizer Two Post RDTA V2

Steam Crave Aromamizer Two Post RDTA V2

The Steam Crave Aromamizer RDTA V2 builds upon the incredible legacy of the original, streamlining the entire use of the vaunted two post platform by integrating a built-in airflow control ring that allows for dual and quad coil airflow settings while tweaking the airflow delivery to provide an even more robust and effective experience.

The benchmark direct to deck airflow makes a return, providing one of the most capable airflow systems in the market, reducing overheating to maintain a stable and optimal working temperature. This balance allows for effective use of high heat builds, which works synergistically with the 2mm diameter dual terminal two-post build deck, presenting one of the most capable rebuildable platforms.

The liquid feeding system feeds directly from the subdeck and into the chamber, which provides equilibrium of pressure when properly wicked in either vertical or horizontal fashion. The independently housed deck allows users to disassemble and tweak coil configurations without needing to drain the tank. In contrast, the tank chamber’s bottom fill system features 8 filling ports with a spill and overflow guard that makes filling quick and easy. The chimney and drip tip assembly redesign provide a smoother and more rapid vapor delivery compared to the original, catering directly to high output systems that require unimpeded airflow throughout the entire system.

The redesigned 510 drip tip adapter also allows for a more natural fitting with aftermarket drip tips. Building upon one of the most critically acclaimed two-post rebuildable systems ever released, the Steam Crave Aromamizer Two Post RDTA V2 improves upon its predecessor to create the new standard in nearly every way its market segment.

7- Sigelei Moonshot 200W Capable Two Post RTA – Supremo

Sigelei Moonshot 200W Capable Two Post RTA – Suprimo

The Sigelei Moonshot Two Post RTA is a compact rebuildable tank atomizer aimed directly at a recreating high powered RDA experience with the benefits of a tank reservoir, combining a wide surface area 13mm by 1mm dual adjustable airflow with dual 5mm diameter inner air holes, a two-post build deck, a gold plated non redirected positive pin, and quad 3mm diameter wick ports that result in staggering overall capability. Designed to compete with high power capable RDAs, the Moonshot measures a compact 32mm from base to drip tip base, maintaining a well-balanced profile.

Using the wide-area top fill system, users can easily fill the 2ml tank capacity. The Moonshot’s build deck features a two-post design with one 2mm diameter terminal per post, allowing for easy mounting of dual coil builds. Utilized in conjunction with the locking well, high power builds driven up to 200W can be achieved with steady wicking rates, as the Moonshot features quad 3mm diameter wicking ports.

For maximum conductivity, a 24K Gold Plated Center Pin features a direct to contact design resulting in minimal voltage drop due to the lack of electrical current redirection. The build deck and chimney system are designed to be smaller chambered than typical build decks, creating a higher flavor delivery level. To feed the system’s potential, dual 13mm by 1mm airslots direct airflow into two 5mm diameter airholes located in the build deck, allowing for absolutely massive vapor production. The wide area airflow also delivers cooling to a wider surface area in the subdeck, effectively cooling the entire system.

8- OBS Crius Two Post RTA

OBS Crius Two Post RTA

The OBS Crius Two Post RTA features an extremely innovative and sleekly implemented sliding top that allows for convenient filling, a competent two-post deck, a svelte chassis style, and 4.2ml of tank capacity.

The Crius implements one of the first sliding top sides fill designs, giving users an incredibly smooth mechanical feel that is securely and clean. A large oblong fill hole allows for high flow filling of the massive 4.2ml tank. The build deck features a two-post, side tension applied configuration with four 1mm terminals that allow natural setting coils. Wicking ports featuring a simple pull-through and snip design, making coil building simple, effective, and hassle-free.

The Crius RTA integrates adjustable dual airflow, with external slots measuring 2mm by 11mm, while interior oblong airflow measures 4mm by 3mm, allowing for ample airflow. Manufactured out of 304 Stainless Steel and available in three different colors, the OBS Crius RTA is an incredible value for the feature set, providing good performance alongside one of the most convenient filling methods.

9- Wotofo Serpent Mini Two Post RTA

Wotofo Serpent Mini Two Post RTA

The Wotofo Serpent Mini Two Post RTA is a subcompact platform based on the Serpent architecture, measuring a 31mm in length from base to top cap while integrating a unique, open-styled two-post terminal build deck, 4mm internal airflow, and a tank capacity of 3ml.

The Serpent Mini features a unique two-post build deck based on a ‘lay down’ concept in which coil leads are laid into the terminal rather than threaded through a hole, then secured horizontally. This allows for much easier placement of complex coil configurations as compared to traditionally styled posts.

The build deck is specifically designed to accommodate single coil configurations, with an internal air hole of 4mm paired with large wick ports and German-made PEEK insulation that makes the Serpent Mini a great system for high power applications. The internal airflow is fed through dual adjustable 10mm by 1.5mm air slots located around the chassis base, which is then fed into the gold plated internal airflow.

Filling the 3ml tank reservoir of the Serpent Mini can be done via the threaded top fill system, which features two large fill ports. A compact and highly affordable RTA system that can be considered one of the premier single coil systems in its price point, the Wotofo Serpent Mini Two Post RTA is a great match for small form factor devices.

10- Vaporesso Gemini Two Post RTA

Vaporesso Gemini Two Post RTA

The Vaporesso Gemini is the flagship rebuildable tank atomizer from the incredible cell Coil Structure makers, featuring a 16mm two-post rebuildable deck with a quad 2mm diameter terminal, dual quad adjustable airflow control, and an easy to use top fill system. The Gemini RTA features a two-post build deck measuring 16mm in diameter for build space while implementing dual 2mm terminals per post, allowing for a huge range of coil configurations.

Coils are secured via Allen keyed grub screws, which apply side tension. Quad-wicking ports controlled via a wick control ring allow users to set-up effective wicking structures, while a wide dual-channel top fill system makes for easy tank filling. The Gemini also features one of the most dynamic airflow systems in a two-post-RTA, featuring quad adjustable intakes located at the base and top of the chassis, allowing for fine airflow adjustment also allowing for tremendous maximum airflow for high power output builds.

The Gemini features a standard 13.5mm Delrin Competition Bore Drip Tip to pair with the enormous airflow capability while also including a 510 drip tip adapter for use with aftermarket drip tips. The Gemini integrates a top fill system with wide dual channels that allow for easy filling of the 3.5ml tank capacity. Entering the highly competitive rebuildable tank market, the Vaporesso Gemini is set to establish itself as one of today’s premier platfoday.

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