10 Best Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks Amazing Flavors for Clouds 2021

Joyetech eGo One

There are no real surprises in the current list of top 10 vape tanks chosen by sub-ohm cloud chasers operating box mods from the 40W iStick to the 200W Fuchai. Names like Joyetech, Kanger, and Innokin remain among the most popular with customers whose opinions informed this list.

It’s their view that matters more than anything. Taking hundreds of vapers’ opinions provides an authentic impression of how well a sub-ohm vape tank performs. The Top 10 also features Uwell, Horizon, Youde, Council of Vapor, SMOK, Aspire, and Eleaf.

#10: Uwell Crown

Uwell Crown

All they do at Uwell is make tanks, so it’s no wonder they do such a good job. The 4-ml, 22-mm Crown beat out a lot of competition to take their coveted spot here. With a removable tip and airflow control ring, the Crown is made to superior standards using quartz glass, stainless steel, and organic Japanese cotton coils. Compatible SS316 heating elements are available in single and dual coil styles. There is a nickel 200 version for Temperature Control vaping.

#9: Eleaf Melo 2

Eleaf Melo 2

Perhaps nothing pairs as well with an iStick than the Eleaf Melo 2, made by the same people, and featuring a moderately-sized tank at 4.5 ml. Fill with e-liquid through a hole beneath the insulated mouthpiece. Disassemble for full cleaning from the glass tank to stainless steel hardware. Cotton coils provide pure flavor when vaping with any Eleaf coil like the Nickel or Titanium varieties. Like Uwell’s Crown, this is a 22-mm tank with airflow adjustment in the bottom cap.

#8: Aspire Triton

Aspire Triton

I’m a little bit shocked to see Aspire so low on the top 10 list considering their reputation as a tank maker, but it’s still intact. There’s no shame in being the eighth most popular among such sophisticated companies. Airflow adjustment is more precise for V2, and vapers fill from the top to eliminate bottom-filling mess and hassle. A fraction wider than the other two tanks, it holds less e-juice for a shorter appearance. Quality materials and assorted coil options, including an RTA kit, make this a versatile purchase.

#7: Youde Zephyrus

Youde Zephyrus

Youde makes a cloud-chasing RTA named appropriately for the Greek god of wind. Version 2, tweaked and improved, holds up to 6 ml of e juice, a huge amount of liquid. Even though you can fill and forget it, vapers are encouraged to fill from the top and do away with that inconvenient bottom-fill method. Materials like organic Japanese cotton coils, caps made from 304 Stainless Steel, and a glass tank contribute to the clean taste of your vapor. The option to build coils enables flexible vaping and encourages first-time DIY coil wrapping on a large RBA deck. A 6-ml tank spread over the usual 22 mm width will appear top-heavy, but that doesn’t seem to deter vapers from buying the Zephyrus.

#6: SMOK VCT Pro


SMOK’s VCT is aptly named for its Vapor Chasing functionality when attached to a seriously powerful mod like the XPro M65. Airflow control is one of the customers’ favorite features of the VCT Pro, which comes with 0.2-ohm and 0.6-ohm coils, their rectangular holes designed for better coil saturation. Only organic cotton is applied to atomizer heads for this 5-ml tank, measuring 22 mm across.

#5: Horizon Arctic V8

Horizon Arctic V8

Funny how a name can suggest a chill yet promote billowing, hot clouds. The Arctic V8 is one of the industry’s most flexible units because of its many custom coils. You can build your own, but why bother when many pre-built varieties are made from numerous materials in several styles? Choose nickel, Kanthal, or titanium; single, octuplet, quad, or dual coils; and enjoy spit-back prevention, thanks to a special design. Capacity is just 4 ml, but you fill with e-juice from the top. The drip tip is insulated, so you don’t burn yourself and wide like most sub-ohm tips to let out hot air and produce thicker clouds.

#4: Joyetech Delta II

Joyetech Delta II

This is the first of two covered tanks on the list made from excellent materials like stainless steel and glass, promoting a neutral flavor. Whereas some of the tanks above are suitable for all kinds of vaping levels, this one is specifically designed for a low-watt range using 0.5-ohm coils, although an RBA can be installed. The 3.5-ml Joyetech Delta II is unusual in that a valve allows vapers to control the flow of liquid and airflow from a different control ring.

#3: Typhoon, Council of Vapor

Typhoon, Council of Vapor

Here is another first for this top 10; a limited edition serialized item for collectors. The Council of Vapor Typhoon isn’t as expensive as it sounds but is as elegant and well-made as one would expect from an item made in small batches for a discerning audience. Ceramic material stops e juice from flooding, and two large airflow valves promote a customized experience. The glass tank and glass tip don’t interfere with e-liquid flavors, and you can hold up to 2.5 ml in the tank, so this is a relatively short RBA offering 0.5-ohm resistance.

#2: Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger Subtank Mini

We could talk about the Subtank and its various forms for a while and create a completely separate list, so popular is this Kanger unit. It might even be interesting to chart preferred colors. Kanger’s Subtank Mini holds 4.5 ml of e juice, uses vertical OCC coils, or installs a deck and builds your own. An improved airflow control valve encourages consumers to be precise about this part of the experience. Choose 0.5-ohm or 1.2-ohm prebuilt heating elements.

#1: Joyetech eGo One

Joyetech eGo One

Here’s the second covered tank from our list, another Joyetech favorite, and our number one item at about $14. The XL version holds just 2.5 ml of e-liquid but produces incredible vapor. Vapers use this tank when vaping with Joye mods supporting 0.5-ohm and 1-ohm elements. Despite all the top-fill tanks that fill this list, it is a bottom-filled variety that takes the top spot, thanks to excellent quality and the stellar Joyetech reputation.

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