Top 10 Clearos Guide 2021 – Best Box Mods

Top 10 Clearos
Top 10 Clearos

Looking for the top clearomizers of 2020? Every vaper has their own preference and opinion on what makes a good clearomizer. Like everything with vaping, making the right choice for you is what’s most important.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best clearos on the market today.

When making your decision, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Capacity: this refers to how many ml of e-liquid the tank can hold. The usual range is from 1.5 ml to 6.5ml.  If you’re a heavy vaper, you can expect to go through about 1ml of juice an hour, so a tank with a larger capacity is going to be a big bonus.

Thread Types: you’ll need to make sure that the thread between your battery and you are clear is a match. If they don’t match, the tank won’t fit properly. eGo and 510 threading types are the most common.

Atomizer Coil Design:

  • Clearomizers that have the coil and wick located at the tank’s base are called Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC).  This type of design allows the wick to stay completely drenched in the e-liquid at all times, giving you a smoother vape and ensuring all your e-liquid gets used.
  • Top coil clearomizers have the wick and coil placed near the top of the tank. For those who like a strong “throat hit,” this type of clearomizer would be a good choice. However, this design makes it more difficult for the wick to stay soaked with the e juice when your tank starts running low.
  • Bottom Dual Coils (BDC) have the same design as Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC) to respect that the coil remains on the bottom of the tank. You achieve a better performance because there is now twice the power.
  • Bottom Vertical Coils (BVC) are newer in design, as they allow for more airflow than the Bottom Dual Coils. It is a single vertical coil that regulates the airflow inside the coil head, instead of 2 horizontal coils in the BDC design.

Ok, now that you have some of the basics down, let’s get into some recommended options.


1- Kanger Toptank Mini

Kanger Toptank Mini

The TopTank Mini is an improved version of the highly popular and great performing SubTank Mini.

The TopTank Mini has a similar design to the SubTank Mini. However, where this incredible tank differs from the original is that it now offers a new top fill design, filling back up with e-liquid easier than ever.

These clear features include 22mm diameter, a 510 threaded connection, a 4mL e-liquid capacity, a Pyrex glass tank, and adjustable airflow control. Also included is the mini RBA plus deck, as well as a matching Delrin 510 drip tip.

2- Innokin iSub Apex Top Fill Tank

Innokin iSub Apex Top Fill Tank

This clear is decked out with the latest in performance. The iSub Apex is constructed of stainless steel for incredible durability.

It was also designed to be pretty versatile and good for those of you who like a mouth to lung hits and those who enjoy straight lung hits. This clear is compatible with 3 types of replacement coil heads – 2.0 ohm, 0.5 ohm, and 0.2-ohm iSub Coils.

These coils use Kanthal wire and 100% Japanese Organic Cotton for fast wicking and a clean and pure flavor. You’d think it couldn’t get any better, but the Apex also features a no-spill coil swap system, dual adjustable airflow control, a 3mL e-liquid capacity, and a quick and clean top-fill design.

3- Eleaf Melo 2 Sub-ohm Tank

Eleaf Melo 2 Sub-ohm Tank

Another clear that uses a stainless steel construction, the Melo 2 Tank, is a dream tank. The Melo 2 Tank offers sub-ohm capabilities at a very affordable price while providing incredible performance.

This clearly includes a large 4.5mL e-liquid capacity, a Pyrex glass tank, adjustable airflow control, and even an e-liquid side fill hole. The large e-liquid capacity will provide longer durations between refills. The Pyrex glass will fight away even the most acidic e-liquids. The adjustable airflow control will let you determine the vapor production you produce, and the side fill hole will ultimately deliver convenience.

4- Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Tank

Aspire Cleito Sub-ohm Tank

This is one of the latest sub-ohm tanks to hit the market, and it’s being offered at a very affordable price. The Cleito Tank includes a new coil head with dual Clapton Kanthal coils that completely replaces the standard chimney.

This new design delivers increased airflow and gives you even more vapor production. It comes in 304 stainless steel, it uses a Pyrex glass tube for its tank portion, and a wide bore Delrin drip tip is included. The Cleito also uses cuffs to dissipate heat and let you customize the tank with different colors. And most important about the Cleito Tank is its top-fill design, which will allow you to refill your tank easily.

5- Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm Tank Full Kit

Smok TFV4 Sub-ohm Tank Full Kit

The Smok TFV4 is a sub-ohm tank full kit that’s been creating a lot of buzz in the industry.

What makes this tank so special is that it features patented quadruple and triple sub-ohm coil heads, which results in 10 atomizer options and a heightened performance!

It also features two types of optional RBA heads (single & dual) and features adjustable airflow at its base and drip tip. The TFV4 packs many features and comes with a load of must need items. This is a tank that you need to experience.

6- UD Rosary Compact Sub-Ohm Tank

UD Rosary Compact Sub-Ohm Tank

The UD Rosary Compact Sub-Ohm Tank is based on the Goblin Mini platform.

It features 3ml of tank capacity and top fill capability. Its small form factor coil structure caters to mid wattage and low wattage applications.

UD Rosary features a 22mm diameter with a 32mm height from base to the top of the tank section, making it a compact and balanced profile. The top-fill system integrates a threaded design that makes filling the 3ml tank quick and simple. Airflow features 11 micro air holes per side, which can be throttled up and down, creating a unique and distinct airflow system. The UD Rosary integrates a small form factor coil structure that features a vertical coil arrangement and organic cotton wicking.

The preinstalled 0.5-ohm Kanthal coil is perfect for low and mid wattage output, with a recommended output range of 20 to 38W. With a small compact form factor, a solid tank capacity, and a beautiful look, the UD Rosary Compact Sub-Ohm Tank is an excellent widwattage platform.

7- Surefire Vapor Dolphin Rewickable Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

Surefire Vapor Dolphin Rewickable Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

The Surefire Vapor Dolphin Sub-Ohm Tank brings something completely new to the ceramic coil segment.

It includes an are-wickedly ceramic core that allows users to replace the exterior cotton wicking element. This is really going to increase your cost of use and make your coils last longer. The Dolphin features a food-grade ceramic coil and a kanthal heating element. This is going to give you outstanding vapor and flavor, and it will handle 30 to 80W.

The coil structure’s design will allow you to replace the exterior cotton element while keeping the interior ceramic and kanthal core intact. This keeps things less costly as you can basically use the same core for the tank’s entire life (as long as you take care of it properly).

The Dolphin features a 4ml tank capacity that can be easily filled via a sliding top system secured into place via the top ring. Airflow is fed by three 8mm by 2mm adjustable air slots, providing ample airflow to feed high wattage output with the flexibility to be throttled down for flavor orientated builds. With a cost-effective design coupled with outstanding performance and an effective, easy to use platform, this is a tank is a must-have!

8- Joyetech Delta II Sub-Ohm Tank

Joyetech Delta II Sub-Ohm Tank

Joyetech has stepped up their game to create an all-new tank system to rival the Atlantis and Sub-Tank and is stepping up its game again with the black finish option, which looks incredible.

The Joyetech Delta II Tank includes adjustable juice control, a user-friendly adjustable air inflow with a Liquid Valve Control (LVC) head on the new changeable sub-ohm coil. There is also an option to install an RBA coil (sold separately), so you have the option to build your own coils. The Delta II can be used on a wide range of wattage from 20 watts to 45 watts. At its biggest setting, the airflow control can achieve the straight lung hits or turn the airflow down to enjoy the mouth to lung hits.

9- Council of Vapor Defiant Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

Council of Vapor Defiant Ceramic Sub-Ohm Tank

The Council of Vapor Defiant Sub-Ohm Tank combines a trim and sleek chassis with a 3.1ml tank capacity, long-lasting and high performance 0.5-ohm ceramic coils, quad adjustable airflow, and the signature honeycomb spit back protection found in the Royal Hunter RDA series.

The Defiant features an overall height of 47mm, including tip, with a tank diameter of 22mm. Despite the smaller overall height, the Defiant integrates a threaded, quad-port top fill system with a 3.1ml tank capacity, providing a great range compared to its size.

Featuring a vertical ceramic coil structure that measures approximately 0.5 ohms in resistance, the Defiant is built to run between 40 to 75W, perfect for a good balance of flavor and vapor. Due to the ceramic composition, each Defiant coil features outstanding longevity and fantastic flavor recreation, alongside fast-wicking due to each coil’s six wicking ports.

The signature honeycomb drip tip design found in the Royal Hunter RDA series makes a return, providing an effective barrier to spit back while providing a unique airflow experience. With a full set of features alongside a well-balanced size, the Council of Vapor Defiant is one of the premiere Sub-Ohm Tanks at an incredible price.

10- UD Zephyrus V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

UD Zephyrus V2 Sub-Ohm Tank

The UD Zephyrus V2 Sub-Ohm Tank is the newest edition of the viral UD Zephyrus platform.

The Zephyrus V2 has drastically increased tank capacity to an enormous 6ml(!) while keeping the industry standardized 22mm diameter. Top filling eliminates the need to unthread the top cap. It’s a simple twist action to open and close the system in the top cap, so you can quickly fill the Zephyrus V2 without taking anything apart.

Airflow has been updated to a quad airflow system. Each hole measures 7.5mm by 2mm, providing ample airflow. An anti-condensation hole has been integrated into the base to relieve back pressure and possible flooding. The Zephyrus V2 maintains the same thread pitch of the original, so it is compatible with OCC coils while expanding the line to a new ROCC coil configuration (sold separately) that offers superior wicking rates flavor production.

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