Top 3 Rebuildable Atomizers 2021 RDA,s & RTA,s Guide

Top 3 Rebuildable Atomizers
Top 3 Rebuildable Atomizers

If you’re ready to take your vaping to the next level and are looking for the ultimate in performance and control, you’ve come to the right page.

These top 3 rebuildable atomizers for 2016 are for more advanced vapers looking for something special. Or maybe you’re looking for a high-value gift idea for the vaper in your life. We’re going to go through the top 3 high-end rebuildable atomizers. These are going to set you back a little bit more cost-wise, but if you’re ready to move onto a truly spectacular vaping experience, you’re about to be exposed to the best of the best.

Best Vape’s Top 3 Rebuildable Atomizers

1- E-Phoenix Hurricane

E-Phoenix Hurricane

The Hurricane 1.3 RTA from E-Phoenix could be the best tank you will ever own. If you are looking for the ultimate rebuildable tank experience, the E Phoenix Hurricane has you covered. This RTA has 10-way adjustable airflow and is so easy to build thank so the 2-post deck. It’s not often that you find something that looks just as good as it performs.

The E-Phoenix’s Hurricane 1.3 RTA starts with a 23mm stainless steel base and build a deck.  Even though the atomizer deck is a reduced size, the 2-post design is going to give you lots of room to work with.  The dual adjustable airflow enters through the tank’s bottom into a port in the center that feeds the air directly under the coil.

The result is truly spectacular flavor and vapor production. The E Phoenix Hurricane tank is made of PET plastic. It screws onto the base and will hold up to 3ml of e-juice. The top cap is made from stainless steel, and it features the Hurricane logo, which looks amazing. The e-phoenix also comes with a matching stainless drip tip, or you can choose your own.

At the top of the posts, you’ll find two large flathead screws, again, making this a dream to build. The “trap” style connection will allow for large gauge, and Clapton builds. This RTA can be built for cotton or mesh wicks (Native Wick is a great choice).

For each of the rebuildable atomizers on this list, I have included a link to the clone as well. As you can see, the price point is much different- but if you want to try a replica to see if you like it before you buy the real thing- this is a good option. Many people in the industry are very against clones, for a good reason- a lot of work goes into creating the real thing, and that is what you are paying for.

But clones can serve a purpose for some of us. First of all, the authentics is often sold out, so this is a way to try something while you wait for the real thing to come back in stock. This is also a great way to try something out before investing a huge amount of money in the real thing. Clones are usually not a perfect replica, but they will give you a sense of what the atomizer is like before investing a lot of money in the authentic version.

2- SQuape R[eloaded] RTA By Stattqualm

SQuape R[eloaded] RTA By Stattqualm

The SQuape R[eloaded] is a killer Rebuildable Tank Atomizer designed by Swiss manufacturer StattQualm (In German, this means “Without Smoke”). This tank is highly customizable, and there are a ton of accessories that you can purchase separately if you choose to do so. The most exciting feature is probably the removable, non-conductive decks that have shaped wicking channels.  This tank truly shows off the precision of Swiss engineering. Everything fits perfectly together.

Holding up to 5ml of juice, the SQuape R also includes fully adjustable airflow.  In addition to being incredibly sturdy, it also looks great too. It features a beautiful engraved StattQualm logo and the Swiss cross.

The 510 pin is fully adjustable, and the SQuape R[eloaded] sits flush on any device. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a pretty large tank, and it’s going to look huge on some devices. But this is a trade-off for the large 5ml juice capacity. This tank features excellent airflow control. The chimney and removable deck have a ceramic aluminum coating that is non-conductive, so you can rest easy knowing that you won’t run into issues with your wire shorting.

Overall this is a fantastic rebuildable atomizer that is a must-have for any advanced vaper.

3- Russian 2.0 Rebuildable Atomizer

Russian 2.0 Rebuildable Atomizer

The Russian 2.0 is a bottom coil rebuildable tank atomizer.

This tank is constructed from 316-grade stainless steel and is available in a Matte finish or a Mirror Polished finish.  It features a 3mm air hole that can be partially closed off or left fully open. The AFC ring has a nice feel and features a click-stop to stop it from spinning freely. The fill port is located behind the AFC ring, which gives this tank a nice clean look.

The Russian 2.0 features an adjustable 510, and the base of the tank breaks down into 4 parts, the build deck, AFC ring, bottom plate, and the 510 pins. This atomizer produces an excellent vape quality. With the 3mm air hole at max open, the vapor production is plentiful. This is definitely one to add to your collection.


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