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Top 5 Cheap Vape Pens
Top 5 Cheap Vape Pens

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of vaping, you may not be ready to spend a lot of cash just yet. Don’t fear. We’re here to help you find a decent vape pen at a reasonable price.

Please keep in mind that vape pens are really meant for beginners. Vape pens work for a lot of people, especially occasional or light smokers. If you’re a heavy smoker and looking to quit, you may want to start with something more powerful right off the bat. But if you’re looking to try vaping out, or maybe you’re an occasional smoker who wants to replace that habit, then a pen can be an awesome choice.

And you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars; there are lots of great pen options that are very inexpensive.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and find out more about the best cheap vape pens.

Best Vape’s Top Cheap Vape Pens

1- Joyetech AIO Starter Kit

Joyetech AIO Starter Kit

The Joyetech AIO is an elementary and inexpensive starter kit. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t require any real knowledge of vaping but works great– this is the pen for you. It also features a leak-proof cup design- to fill the tank, you press and turn the childproof cap and mouthpiece section at the top.

Once you have filled your tank, put the cap back on and screw it in. The coil will make contact with the bottom of the cup, creating a connection. The tank has a LED inside that can be set to one of 7 colors, fancy! This pen also includes adjustable top airflow for those who prefer a tighter draw.

Operation is a piece of cake. There’s a simple button, press, and get vaping. For less than two packs of smokes, this is a great option- I’ve included a link to Mt Baker Vapor here. They have a ton of e-liquid, so you can pick up everything you need in one place.

2- Halo Triton Tank Kit

Halo Triton Tank Kit

Halo is an awesome company, and they have produced a really great vape pen with the Halo Triton.

The starter kit includes two tanks, a USB adapter and wall charger, a cover for the mouthpiece, and a carrying case. This is a really nice looking device, and it comes in a variety of colors.

To fill this device, you need to remove the mouthpiece, and you’ll find a little silver cylinder underneath. Make sure that the center coil is in place by turning it counterclockwise while holding the tank still. This pen takes e-liquid. Once the coil is in place, you fill the tank with e-liquid, and you’re ready to vape. Halo also offers some pretty incredible e-liquids, and they have some of the best tobacco flavors around- which is great for those of you who are making the transition.

3- Aspire K3 Starter Kit

Aspire K3 Starter Kit

The K3 is a starter kit that was just released this year. It’s perfect for new vapers – it has excellent capacity for e-liquid and a big battery that will suit those of you who are more than just an occasional smoker. The K3 tank holds 2ml of e-liquid and has a pre-installed 1.8ohm coil atomizer inside (and a replacement coil is included in the package). The K2 battery is 1200mah and fully rechargeable via micro USB connection.

Refilling the K3 Tank is super easy. Unscrew it from the battery and hold it upside down. To change the coil, pick up the base section, unscrew the used coil, and dispose of it. Replace the new coil and reattach the base to the tank once you have filled it with your e-liquid.

The battery only has 1 button and can be a lock or unlocked with 5 consecutive clicks of the fire button. Once you are ready to start vaping, bring the device to your mouth, and hold the fire button down. Another simple and very affordable option for those of you just starting!

4- Joyetech eGo One Starter Kit

Joyetech eGo One Starter Kit

Joyetech makes this for a second time with this incredibly affordable yet powerful Ego One. This is a compact device that is incredibly easy to use for beginners.

The eGo One battery looks similar to a mod, a round tube with a firing switch and a 510 connection.

The tank atomizer on the Ego One features adjustable airflow and a decent 2.5ml capacity. You can choose to use one of two types of replaceable coils. The Joyetech CL 1.0ohm coil is recommended for mouth inhalers or people just switching from tobacco cigarettes. The second coil is the Joyetech CL 0.5ohm, a sub-ohm coil designed for users who like to take lung hits and want a ton of vapor production.

This is a very easy to use device which packs huge performance despite its small size. The device measures only 4 1/4” long and 3/4” wide. And at about the cost of 3 packs of smokes, you really can’t go wrong!

5- MyJet Starter Kit

MyJet Starter Kit

The MyJet, designed by MyVapors and manufactured by hardware powerhouse Wismec, is a brand new cig-a-like style system that is sleek, efficient, and handy on the go. Perfect as a Starter Kit for someone who’s just starting, it is also a great little device for seasoned vapers looking for something more light and portable.

The MyJet was designed for ease of use and portability. A 350mAh built-in battery powers a cartridge-inspired juice reservoir and a coil with a resistance of approximately 1.2ohms. The cotton wick enables great flavor and fast-wicking, and the coil is built out of seven wraps of 28g Kanthal.  Best of all, you can use any juice you prefer, as the juice pod can be opened and is refillable.

The simplicity of the design can’t be overstated! There’s no button to turn the device on – simply vape, and a sensor will notice and fire up the device. A little blue LED will inform you of the status of the battery. To charge the mod, use a USB charger that attaches via a magnetic connection at the end of the device. Overall, this is an amazing option for those of you who are completely new to e-cigarettes.

I’ll keep adding to this list, so if you know of a great, cheap option- please let me know in the comments, and I’ll grow this list over time!

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