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Top 10 E-Liquids
Top 10 E-Liquids

Ok, so you’ve done your basic homework about vaping, and you’ve chosen a device. Now you can start to dive into the tasty world of e-liquids (also called e-juice).

If you’re looking for more information on what e-liquid is or how it works,

If you’re all set and ready to find out more about the top 10 e-liquids of 2016 and the most highly recommended e-juice companies, read on!


1- Halo


Best overall

Halo is one of the oldest e-liquid companies. When I first started vaping, almost every brick and mortar vape shop carried Halo. Then all of a sudden thousands of e-liquid companies popped up and I didn’t vape Halo for a while.

Recently Halo launched their V-Type high-end line and it has been getting a lot of buzzes. But what it also did is cause a lot of us who have been vaping for a while now to take another look at Halo. I give them the #1 spot for a couple of reasons.

First of all, and most importantly, all of their e-liquids are produced in the US, with premium ingredients and strict adherence to quality standards like I mention many people are nervous when they first switch from vaping to smoking that they are swapping one unhealthy habit for another. It’s comforting to know that you can trust Halo’s ingredients and manufacturing process.

Secondly, Halo offers a lot of different flavors. They have 13 different tobacco flavors- which is where most new vapers start out, to try to find something that feels closer to the taste of smoking. They also offer a few different menthol flavors, as well as fruit and dessert flavors.  In total, there are 25 flavors, which is not as many as some companies, but that brings me to my last point.

For the quality that you get, this juice is extremely affordable. Since you are making a huge effort to change your life by quitting smoking, I feel that it’s important to find an e-liquid company that you can trust to help you through that process. So without reservation, I believe Halo deserves the top spot on the list of top 10 e-liquids for 2020.

2- Apollo


Best overall (runner up)

Apollo wins our #2 spot. To be honest, I had trouble deciding whether to make Apollo or Halo our #1 spot because they share some similarities.

Like Halo, Apollo is also really open about their manufacturing process. All of their mixologists are not just avid vapers who are passionate about flavour, they are also degreed chemists. (I’m pretty sure this is not a common thing in the vape industry). They have very strict protocols and procedures throughout the entire manufacturing process, so the end result is always consistently good.

Their juice is made from USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, kosher and food safe ingredients and 99% laboratory-grade nicotine. For flavours, they have Tobacco, Menthol/ Mint, Fruit, Drink, Dessert and Limited Edition. They also have a couple of specialty lines called Fa-Q and Lindbergh which are max VG e-liquids suited for dripping and sub ohming. Just like Halo, Apollo Juices are really competitively priced, especially for the level of quality that you get.

The only reason I ended up choosing Halo over Apollo is that I personally like Halo’s flavors better- and I feel like the variety of tobacco flavours that they offer is definitely an advantage for those of you who are making the move from smoking to vaping.

3- VaporFi


Best customization

VaporFi is a really cool company. If you’re looking for flavor, they’ve got it with over 115 pre-made flavours that have been extensively tested.

But on top of that, the best part about VaporFi is their “create your own blend” option. This allows you to mix up to three different flavours and choose the ratio of flavor and nicotine levels. So you can have your very own e-liquid, which is 100% customized to you. VaporFi also has a “flavor of the month” service where you can pick different flavors to be delivered every month. This means you get to try new juices out, and you also never need to worry about running out of juice.

Personally, I like the flavour from Halo and Apollo better, but again, this is totally subjective, (and the flavor is obviously still pretty amazing for me to give this my #3 slot!)

The ability to create your own blend is pretty cool, you should definitely try it out.  And VaporFi also has sample packs, so you can try out a few different flavours at a very low cost with little risk.

4- Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors

Best for vaping on a budget

Vista Vapors comes in at number 4 on my list, and off the bat, I have to say that they have fantastic flavor and quality with prices that you really can’t beat. Like VaporFi, they also give you a lot of opportunities to really customize your juice so you can find the one that’s just right for you. You can customize the flavors and your ratio of PG/ VG, nicotine strength, and size.  I really like Vista Vapors’ labels as well. Everything is super clear, with each flavor being easy to tell apart.

The Vista Vapors website is really well organized. It seems like they can offer such low prices because they sell a lot of product! It’s great that they can pass the cost savings along to their customers. So if you are looking for a very high-quality e-liquid, this would be my top recommendation without having to spend a lot of money. Let’s keep it real, I know many of us quit smoking to save money, but once you immerse yourself into the world of vaping, that can become expensive too! So try these guys out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

5- Mt Baker Vapor

Mt Baker Vapor

Best for vaping on a budget (runner up)

So continuing on our quest to find great flavor for less money, let’s take a look at Mt Baker Vapor. Now you might be expecting that the quality would be compromised with prices this low. I won’t lie and say that Mt. Baker can compete with a Halo V-Type, but it is really decent juice, and totally worthy of becoming your everyday, all-day vape. If you are looking to get incredible value for your money, this is the company I would recommend.

Like Halo, these guys have been forever. They launched in 2009 and have grown to become one of the largest e-juice companies in the US. And all of their juice is made right here in the US, so you don’t need to worry about unknown ingredients or manufacturing processes.

And did I mention their prices? Some of their juices go for as low as $3.99 for a 15ml bottle. You really can’t get this level of quality at a lower price anywhere.

They also provide a lot of flexibility with over 100 flavors. You choose your nicotine level and VG/ PG ratio and you can choose up to 5 extra flavour shots for an additional 25 cents a shot. I highly recommend adding at least 2 extra shots. It’s really worth it to bring the taste up a notch.

Like Vista Vapors, I believe the business model is based on volume and that’s why they’re able to offer such low prices. Another thing to note, that because of that- I believe that most juice bought from Mt. Baker Vapor should be steeped (let it sit) for at least 2 weeks before you vape it. Mt. Baker also offers DIY supplies, so you can enter the world of making your own juice at home if that’s something you’d like to try out.

6- Henley


Best premium juice

If you’re looking for something a little more priming, Henley Vape is an obvious ch with great packaging once.

This company is based out of NY, NY and while they are newer than some of the other companies on this list, they are quickly making their mark.

One thing to note off the bat, is that Henley does not offer any tobacco fla, or- what most people think they want to start with when they first make the move from smoking to vaping. However, I feel that the quality and variety of flavours make up for this, and that is why they are included on the list.

Henley’s juice is made of 100% kosher, food-grade ingredients and they also follow strict laboratory standards, like a lot of the other companies I’ve chosen for this list. They offer a little bit less customization in that all juices come in 50-50 PG-VG ratio and 15ml bottles.You can choose your nic level and they offer steps between 0mg all the way up to 24mg.

This is one of the more expensive e-juices on the list. With a price of $12 for a 15ml bottle, it may be a little too expensive for some budgets. However, if you’re looking for something to treat yourself with, this is a great option (just be careful, as you may have trouble going back, once you’ve tried these incredible flavors.) This e-liquid is so popular that certain flavours actually sell out due to the high demand. You should definitely give Henley a shot.

7- Volcano Lava Line

Volcano Lava Line

Best gift for the vaper in your life

Volcano was first established in Hawaii, but has grown to include operations in Norway, Japan and the U.K.

Like many other e-liquids on this list, Volcano juices are made from hand selected pure ingredients and go through rigorous testing, so you can feel good knowing you’re buying from a reputable company.

Besides the stunning label designs, what’s really cool about the Lava Line is that each juice is named after a particular mountain. Their intention was to represent the unique characteristics of each mountain and region. This is a really neat concept on it’s own, but the best part is that the juices taste amazing.

Here are the descriptions of the flavors from the Volcano site:

Diamond Head (Hawaii): This flavor begins with the taste of sun-kissed guava, tangy and sweet. The flavor deepens with touches of succulent orange and ends with the richness of golden sugared passion fruit.

Vesuvius (Italy): freshly baked Italian disco flavor opens up the palate enriched by a depth of vanilla extracts and garnished with silky white chocolate. Warm notes of grated hazelnut and dried cherries finish off this elegantly blended, bold flavor.

Grimsvotn (Iceland): Indulge in an arctic burst of flavor. Cool and refreshing brambleberry skyr opens up the flavors, perfectly matched by a touch of smooth vanilla and mint aftertaste notes.

Diamond Head (Hawaii): A tropical mix of tangy passion fruit, sugared orange and sweet guava nectar. This signature Hawaiian citrus blend engages your senses with a powerful, flavor profile.

You can’t really go wrong picking any of these as a gift, (and you you’ll definitely get some serious bonus points if you give the whole set.)

8- Njoy


Best flavour

Njoy is another really well known company in the vaping industry. With this line of juices, they have partnered up with the owners of some of the most highly respected small batch e-juice makers. The NJOY Artist Collection is not only beautiful to look at, it includes some of the best flavours I’ve ever tried.

This is one line that could fit into multiple categories. I think it would make an amazing gift (when you buy all 4, it comes in an incredible case, which looks really impressive). While this juice is more expensive than some of the e-liquids on this list, the cost of $23 per bottle is actually pretty reasonable considering the quality and killer packaging. At the end of the day, I decided to give this line the title of “best flavour” because it just blows other e-liquid out of the park with flavor.

This line is completely free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl so you can feel totally confident in the quality of the ingredients. Give them a shot. Like we mentioned with the Henley juices- if you are on a budget, just be careful if you try these juices, you may not be able to go back to lower end juices.

9- Virgin Vapor

Virgin Vapor

Best for the health conscious vaper

If you’re like almost everyone who vapes, you have made the switch because you care about your health. Simultaneously, I have only recommended companwithhave very high standards in both ingredients and manufacturing processes are a coutakestake this to the next level. I felt that it was important to include a few of these companies. Virgin Vapor is at the top of the list when it comes to producing juice for the health conscious vaper.

These guys only use certified organic flavours- they don’t use any artificial chemicals at all. In fact, they don’t even include PG (propylene glycol) in their juice unless you specifically request it. They have over 100 different flavours and they continue to add to this list all the time. They are also developing a whole new line of tobacco flavours, which is sure to be a hit for those of you who are first making the transition from smoking to vaping. This is a juice line you can feel totally confident trusting.

10- Black Note

Black Note

Best for the health conscious vaper (runner up)

Similar to Virgin Vapor, Black Note juices follow an incredibly standard when it comes to the ingredients they use. If you are really health conscious in general, and are deeply worried about the long term effects of vaping might be, then this is the e-liquid that I would recommend for you.

Black Note e-liquids are free of any chemical additives or synthetic flavours. They don’t include any Acetyl Propionyl,Diacetyl, Diethylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Acetoin or Acrolein. Some of these chemicals have been found in sub-par juices- you don’t need to worry about any of that with Black Note.

These guys even provide independent lab reports, proving the quality they claim is 100% trYou you will notice right away (if you have vaped other juices before trying Black No, they don’t cause any gunk build up on your coils. It will make you wonder what you have been vaping before trying this line. Your stock coils will also last a lot longer, which is a huge benefit.

So while this juice may cost a little bit more, your coils will last longer (which should save a bit of cash) and also you’re paying for the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re vaping. I think this is a huge benefit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide to the top 10 e-liquids for 2016. Happy Vaping!


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