Vape Cige VTBox200 Review 2021 – Best Box Mods


The first load of 200W Vape Cige mods sold out quickly. They resemble small digital cameras with red and black coming soon. A problem was revealed in the first batch, but this was fixed for the next load. So if you heard about the threading issue, Vape Cige resolved it, and you don’t have anything to worry about.

Threading Trouble

That problem was a result of glued threading. The 510 thread well was coming loose. Now, Vape Cige threading wells are press-fitted, so they are no longer moving around when you try to thread on your atomizer tank.

At the Core of the Vape Cige VTBox200

Evolv recently released their new DNA200 smart chip. This is the brains behind all the fancy technological stuff your high-end vaporizer can do. It runs the screen. The chip prevents your mod from overheating. When you press buttons, the chip sends instructions to raise or lower temperature or wattage and shuts the mod off or turns it on again. A DNA200 is the safest chip of its kind.

What Does the Vape Cige VTBox200 Look Like?

How do you know this is a Vape Cige VTBox200 as opposed to some other 200W mod? After all, there are many mods out there featuring everything from 20 watts to over 200 watts of output. What sets the Vape Cige version apart at first sight?


You will notice the small flat buttons below your screen and a larger one at the top for turning this mod off and on. The smaller switches are for changing the values of your temperature or watts up and down. Between buttons is a screen with bright blue digits and symbols. These display your mod’s performance.

The microchip mentioned above monitors and displays resistance in ohms. It shows watts and volts. You will see how much power remains in your battery and how hot your mod is running. For a box mod screen, this one is pretty big at 0.91 inches.

Running the Vape Cige VTBox200 in TC Mode

If you want to operate the Vape Cige at the lowest possible ohms, you must install a Ni200 or Ti atomizer coil head. These materials are sensitive to temperature in a way Nichrome and Kanthal wire cannot mimic.

The higher quality materials become very hot without you having to set watts to their highest level. With less output, you achieve a higher temperature. With the variable temperature option, you will find the mod does not have to work as hard as before, so your batteries run down more slowly.

Also, at lower temperatures, you use less e juice but create the same amount of vapor. Your vapor doesn’t taste as though it has been tainted by burnt material because your coils degrade more slowly or leave residue the way Kanthal does.

With Ni200 or Ti coils, your resistance can drop to 0.1 ohms, but you can achieve a reasonable 0.2 ohms without a high-end coil, considered a shallow sub-ohm figure.

Important Details

You can remove the battery from your VTBox 200 to recharge a cell and replace it with a ready one. Having removable batteries cuts down the interruption you experience caused by having to plug the whole vaporizer into a USB to recharge it and switch to a different model or stop vaping for three hours while the device recharges.

A magnetic cover holds the battery in place. You won’t have to mess around with tiny screws. Run the VTBox from 1 to a heady 200 watts.

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