Volcano Lavabox Review of Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 in 2021

Volcano Lavabox Review

The Volcano Lavabox Review DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 are both currently the best Volcano Lavaboxes that characterize affordability, power, and durability. Here we have done a Volcano Lavabox review for the performance and quality vaping.

You can have a compact review indicating both Volcano Lavabox vape devices. Evolv and Volcano create an iconic pairing of sensational vape mods. The LavaBox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 are the legendary editions to vape devices for highest-power chips that Evolv has created to bring vapers a fully flexible system.

You will find Volcano’s highest-power Evolv mods that favor experienced cloud chasers to utilize initiatives of latest generation vapes. The below article contains the Volcano Lavabox review in detail.

Volcano Lavabox Review of Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 in 2021

The Volcano’s high-powered mods come in many colors, but the most recognized colors are bone white, blood red, and pure black. They come in different shades with vibrant colors that make Volcano Lavabox look eye-catching.

In shape and size, both the Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 are geometrically symmetrical, which adds vivacity to the vapes. The smooth 6061 billet aluminum exterior is covered with texture. That affects personalizing gestures.

The connector pin attaches to Volcano atomizers are made from rugged stainless steel, chosen for its non-corrosive and durable nature. Volcano enhances conductivity, however, by coating the pin in gold. The spring-loaded pin is flexible enough to adapt to most 510-threaded atomizer tanks.

Still, you’ll want to search carefully for an RTA compatibility in order to best match the rebuildable automizers with either Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75. The TC functionality is possibly the best suit for the choice of vape tank that features an optional rebuild deck for making your own coils.

Features of Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75

The LavaBox DNA75 and Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 are consist of small chip controls that run the screen and evaluate different sets of wattage. Both of the mods have OLED screens that show your data in large numbers with the bright font. It is nice to have a big screen for reading the stats such as watts and temperature.

Although the chipset is small, it allows variable wattage to set optimal temperatures for vaping significantly of ordinary. The Evolv PCB is responsible for protecting both the vape’s electronics and acts as a bodyguard against thugs like short circuits voltage extremes and over-current when resistance is too low.

The DNA technology used by Volano in Lavabox mods is reasonable. The good one for rigid atomizers with a virtual coil build inside. It allows users to have metal types like Kanthal, Ni200, and Titanium coils for power usage, while the manual is inclusion is always the pro for experienced vapers.

LavaBox Fire Pit and Battery Power

There are a triple cell 18650 batters built into the LavaBox DNA 200, which is rechargeable and has high wattage ratings. But unlike the DNA 200, the LavaBox DNA75 has a removable battery section for the choice of 18650 battery to operate. Fortunately, both support high-speed charging that is reliable for quick recharge.

Another method lets the user charged through the given USB port that is also set for future firmware and software updates. It is located below the two square adjustment buttons. The function serves to enables customers to plug the mod into a computer and upgrade Escribe software as the opportunity presents itself.

Volcano technology provides system stability monitors onto the cells boards to measure the temps more accurately and ensure better charging and discharge rate. The battery power of LavaBox DNA75 sustaining the performance at 55Amps and maximum goes to 75 Amps for extreme conditions.

While on the other hand, the current of Volcano Lavabox DNA 200 is vaping at 75Ams and can go up to 200 Amps with supportive high-end 18650 batteries. But the interesting fact is both Volcano mods continuous output at very high current rates that is amazingly powerful.


Volcano’s Lavabox DNA 200 and LavaBox DNA75 are reliable, designed vape mods for a high-quality vaping experience. They are stylish and compact for modern time usage for a little bit of customization to adjust the outcomes for personal preferences. They are meant for extreme vaping due to the max power limit of Lavabox DNA 200 to reach 1W to 200W, while in the same sense, the DNA75 cant reach more than 75watts due to Evolv’s power limits for modest vaping rather than extremism for apparent reasons. Our Volcano Lavabox Review is end here for enjoying Volcano DNA 200 device for convenient features, so we know more for the following article. For now, both of our processed Volcano vaping devices are good in terms of build and reliability for everyday performance.

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