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Evolv and Volcano create an iconic pairing: two American brands, well known in their own spheres, brought together to form a single, sensational mod. The LavaBox DNA 200 utilizes the highest-power chip Evolv has ever created to bring vapers a fully flexible system experienced cloud chasers will love. You can find it on Volcano’s website or from a few participating retailers.

The LavaBox DNA200

Lavabox DNA 200 Blood Red

Volcano’s high-powered mod comes in just three colors: bone white, blood red, and black. There are several shades of grip, however, which add vivacity to the box. The grip stops a smooth 6061 billet aluminum exterior from sliding through your hands by adding a no-slip texture. That grip also breaks up a monochromatic, geometrically symmetrical, and otherwise boring exterior, giving it liveliness and personalizing the final look.

DNA 200 Features

Inside, a small chip controls everything. It runs a screen that shows your data in a large, bright font, such as watts and temperature. This chip allows you to switch between two settings, Variable Wattage, and Variable Temperature.

The DNA 200 PCB by Evolv is responsible for protecting both the vaper and his electronics, acting as a bodyguard against thugs like a short circuit, voltage extremes, over-current, and resistance too low.

Warnings are displayed on the screen, so a manual is included to describe what all of the codes mean. Evolv’s DNA technology also allows customers to connect their box to an atomizer with virtually any coil build inside and many metal types such as Kanthal, Ni200, and Titanium.

Battery Power

There’s a triple cell built into the LavaBox DNA 200, which vapers recharge using a USB port at the lower end of the control face, below two square adjustment buttons, the screen, and a big square on/off switch. This port also enables customers to plug the mod into a computer and upgrade Escribe software as the opportunity presents itself.

Existing technology monitors cells one at a time to ensure even charging and discharge so that one battery isn’t completely drained ahead of the others. The maximum current is 55, but the continuous output is 50A, amazingly powerful stuff.


The connector pin attaches to an atomizer of your choice is made from rugged stainless steel, chosen for its non-corrosive and durable nature. Volcano enhances conductivity, however, by coating the pin in gold. This spring-loaded pin is flexible enough to adapt to most 510-threaded atomizer tanks. Still, you’ll want to search carefully for an RTA compatible with TC functionality and possibly a tank that features an optional rebuild deck for making your own coils.

Buy from Volcano

An advantage of shopping directly with Volcano is that customers earn points and rewards. Everything you spend is turned into points which vapers can turn around and redeem as money against more Volcano products. These include a tank for the LavaBox DNA 200, coils, or e juice, of which Volcano supplies many flavors.

Volcano Tanks

This American vaping company offers branded tanks, but they’re in the big leagues now with their sub-ohm devices. Consequently, they offer vapers choices from other brands. These include the TFV4 and TFV8 from SMOK, Uwell’s Crown 2, and the Aspire Triton 2. These are all sub-ohm RBAs, which would pair beautifully with some high-VG premium e juice from Volcano and their 200W LavaBox.

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