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SX Mini ML Class Blue

A red Ferrari might be out of your price range, but what about a Ferrari red YiHi SX Mini ML Class vape mod? If this is as close to owning an exotic sports car as you are likely to get, you haven’t made a bad machine choice.

With all the other choices out there, it’s often difficult to decide which is the best purchase to make, but YiHi already manufactures a PCB that other brands rely on and the potential output of this device is more than most people want or will ever use.

The YiHi SX Mini ML Class Mod

SX Mini ML Class Blue

Here is what I’m talking about: a vape mod that reaches 580F or 300C in temperature control mode or up to 85W when operated in Bypass mode. Another setting is variable wattage, available for up to 75 watts with a suitable atomizer coil and a classy RBA attached. In Variable Joule format, there is a range of 10J to 75J able to work with coils made from Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel.

How Can the YiHi SX Mini ML Class Mod Do These Things?

YiHi sounds familiar to the modder’s ear because they make a chipset found in the Pioneer4You line of vape mods. This device contains their SX350J-V2 chip, which regulates voltage, wattage, Joules, temperature, resistance compatibility, and a screen that displays all of these figures.

It’s also possible to choose output more simply: soft, standard, powerful, or a little more than powerful, settings pertaining directly to the type of flavor you want to achieve from a VG-heavy e-liquid inside a sub-ohm tank.

Resistance Support

The YiHi chip is a great model, and, in this case, it allows vapers to build coils to 0.05 ohms, minimum. That’s pretty amazing, given that 0.3 ohms are still extremely low for sub-ohm vaping. Most people would not complain if this were their minimum resistance.

Variable Wattage setting supports 0.15 ohms because you can only use Kanthal wire in this case. Again, this sounds like heaven compared with a couple of years ago when 1.2 ohms sounded dangerously low.

Charging the YiHi SX Mini ML Class Vape Mod

This YiHi device requires a single battery which can be charged in two ways. Either take out the battery and replace it with a fresh cell or recharge using the USB port. This will take longer but lets you operate with a single battery.

Recharging the battery independently and keeping a spare handy requires some planning. Still, batteries are inexpensive, and this way, you can vape with a single device, uninterrupted, not attached to a USB charger as you puff. Release this single battery from a cylinder, which becomes the part you hold. Rather than removing a magnetic door, you unscrew a lid, so the frame’s exterior is virtually seamless.

Display Array

As I mentioned above, YiHi’s famous chipset operates the screen, among other things. This feature allows you to track what the device is doing, read atomizer resistance if you weren’t sure about your build, and follow the battery’s charge life.

YiHi sets the bright, clear screen’s glass deeply enough to protect it, so if the mod is dropped, your glass should remain intact. This is a smart design feature along with their comfortably rounded shape on one side and tactile buttons.

A Beautiful, Formidable Device

YiHi’s device is trim and simple without racing stripes, sparkle, or odd markings. A folded appearance and rounded corners provide an approachable, user-friendly exterior. It is made for sophisticated users seeking a stealthy vaping profile but also safety.

That is another thing their chip provides: safety from breakdown caused by a short circuit, low resistance or voltage, reverse battery polarity, and overheating. Choose that fiery red option or something a little less showy: Mystic (dark blue), Snow White, Black, or Black and Silver.

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